I recognize the history/reason why world say bless you to you after friend sneeze. My inquiry is, is there an different to bless you which have the right to be supplied when someone sneezes?



I"ve read that in polite company, friend shouldn"t speak anything, so regarding not attract any extr attention come the sneezer"s faux pas.As for choices to "bless you", i hear "Gesundheit" ~ above TV a lot, however when i say it to people who simply sneezed, they largely don"t it seems to be ~ to gain it.

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The best alternative, i feel, is simply come say nothing. Speak "Bless you" (or Gesundheit, or anything else) after who sneezes does, to some extent, oblige the sneezer to respond with many thanks of some kind. This might be inconvenient, especially if the person is about to sneeze again, and also such one exchange i do not care downright stunner in a chain of multiple sneezes — specifically if, as frequently happens, the person is in one more room, out of sight of the sneezer.

Me: You: Bless you! Me: Tha— You: Bless you! Me: give thanks to you. You: Bless you! Me: Tha— You: Bless you! Me: <Trying to discover a tissue.

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> thank you.

I, because that one, like to be enabled to sneeze my sneezes without being caught up in a social routine that has actually no valuable value.



I had actually a girlfriend in high school that was a aboriginal Indian, and took great offense come me blessing the after a sneeze. When I inquiry what he preferred instead, that responded, "Your health."

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