free Shipping in USACAUTION! once slicing bread with a knife be cautious not to location your fingers in line through the cutting activity of the knife. Execute not allow children to use this product. Manage with care, knives are an extremely sharp.The guide is design to cut two different thickness that bread 3/8 inch and also 1/2 inch quickly and also easily horizontally in ~ a very affordable price. The minimum thickness you can obtain has a lot of to do with the density and also softness that the bread you space cutting. The pictures present a bread of bread that procedures 5 1/2 inches large x 7 inches lengthy x 6 1/2 inches tall. By choosing the 1/2 customs side or the 3/8 inch side the the guide you have the right to slice her bread right into the thickness the two sides space designed to reduced with ease. My goals were to do it simple to use, affordable, durable, easily stored and most of every slice straight slices of bread every time. It also needed to it is in compatible using either an electrical or bread knife.A Vertical base does not ship with and is not easily accessible for this Horizontal guide.The slicing overview ships with a anti on slide mat that is inserted under the slicing guide to stop it from sliding on her countertop when slicing. If her mat wares out you deserve to purchase one locally.I personally hand craft this bread slicing guide in Lincolnton, Georgia from solid 3/4 customs poplar wood for the side rails and also 1/2 customs birch veneer because that the bread table. Even though Poplar is softer and also less expensive than Oak this overview will last a lifetime with proper care. We room still making use of the original overview I made out of poplar lumber from 4 years ago and that is favor the job it was very first used. Clean v a wet cloth. Do not soak v water. Her order will ship free the same day or the next company day from as soon as I receive the payment order.Videos are available showing the guide being supplied by going to “You Tube” and also searching because that “Mystery Lathe”.A few words of advice: The 5 1/2 inch overview has an in its entirety width the 7 inches and will not job-related well through a brief 10 customs bread knife. I usage one the is 12 inches long.The travel guide cutting slot for the knife are 3/16 inches wide. If you room going to be using an electric knife make sure you examine the thickness in ~ the pointer of the blade wherein the two blades are associated together. If it steps 3/16 inches or better you will certainly not have the ability to get the blade into the slot to part your bread.The bread demands to remainder on your counter and cool down to room temperature. I discover that the longer it rest the better it will certainly slice. The minimum thickness girlfriend can attain has a many to carry out with the density and softness that the bread you are cutting.Use caution while slicing with a knife to prevent injury. Knife not had with guide.If you ever before have any type of questions, problems or troubles with your overview please speak to or message my cabinet phone: 315-868-3453 or email me at "

You are watching: Dimensions of a slice of bread". Give me a possibility to make things right. Don't be surprised when I simply say hello top top answering. This yes, really is my an individual cell phone. I'm 74 and also this is mine hobby not a money grabbing business.Finished used: None. Friend may apply the finish you desire if girlfriend think it needs a finish.Accepts bread loaf widths increase 5 1/2 inches wideApproximate dimensions:Overall width: 7 inchesBread tray within width: 5 1/2 customs (width the loaf the is sliceable)Height: 2 1/2 inchesLength: 12 inchesWeight: 1 lb. 7 oz.

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Aug 17, 2021

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Julia Adam

I get even slices. Glad I found this bread slicer. That didn"t take lengthy for it come deliver. Very pleased through my purchase.