There are 4 means to acquire from Nashville to Lexington by bus, auto or plane

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Bus • 5h 37m

take the bus indigenous Nashville to Louisville "Greyhound" take it the bus native Louisville, KY come Lexington, KY Louisville / ...

paris to Cincinnati, bus • 6h 29m

fly from Nashville (BNA) come Cincinnati (LUK) BNA - LUK take the bus native Cincinnati come Lexington

Nashville (BNA) come Lexington (LEX) flights

The trip time between Nashville (BNA) and Lexington (LEX) is around 5h 22m and covers a distance of around 175 miles. This has an average layover time of around 2h 27m. The fastest trip normally bring away 3h 13m. Solutions are activate by Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines. Commonly 229 flights run weekly, back weekend and also holiday schedules have the right to vary so check in advance.

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Nashville (BNA) to Lexington (LEX) flight schedules

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The many affordable method to obtain from Nashville come Lexington is come drive, which costs $21-$35 and takes 3h 36m.

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The quickest way to get from Nashville to Lexington is to journey which prices $21-$35 and takes 3h 36m.

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The distance between Nashville and Lexington is 180 miles. The road distance is 217.3 miles.

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The best means to gain from Nashville to Lexington there is no a auto is come bus which takes 5h 37m and also costs $55-$110.

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It takes around 5h 37m to acquire from Nashville to Lexington, consisting of transfers.

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The best method to acquire from Nashville come Lexington is come bus i m sorry takes 5h 37m and costs $55-$110. Alternatively, you have the right to fly, which costs $150-$600 and also takes 7h 16m.

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There is no straight flight from Nashville Airport to Lexington Airport. The quickest trip takes 3h 13m and has one stopover.

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Lexington is 1h ahead of Nashville. That is at this time 10:33 am in Nashville and also 11:33 am in Lexington.

Yes, the driving distance in between Nashville come Lexington is 217 miles. The takes roughly 3h 36m to journey from Nashville to Lexington.

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United Airlines, Delta and also American Airlines offer flights indigenous Nashville Airport to Lexington Airport.