Guinea pigs space wide-eyed little critters the are always on high alert. Because these furry small guys are regularly the food of much larger animals when lock in the wild, they’re genetically predisposed come actually save their eyes open at all times. Literally. In fact, the pet Welfare Association, guinea pigs are even born with their eye open. (source).

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So, this begs the question, do guinea pigs sleep through their eye open? And the answer is yes. Guinea pigs really perform sleep through their eyes open. Return there room times as soon as guinea pigs do close your eyes to sleep, the instances are few and far between. Many of the time, if a guinea pig is sleeping, that eyes are open. 

It’s really quite exciting to view a guinea pig asleep with open eyes. And, it opens up up the door to a many questions. Because that instance, if lock sleep with their eye open, how do you understand when they room awake? I’ve acquired answers come this and also more. I’ve done the study to assist explain one of the most curious that guinea pig behaviors. 

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Why do Guinea Pigs Sleep through Their eyes Open?How come Tell if a Guinea Pig is AsleepWhen perform Guinea Pigs Close their Eyes?

Why carry out Guinea Pigs Sleep v Their eye Open?

Guinea pigs used to it is in wild animals if you have the right to imagine. They’ve since been eliminated from every one of that by humans; now they’re bred domestically because that pets, and also for pet testing. 

All of the habits that we watch in these cute small pets space a result of what lock learned in the wild and their inner wild animal that cd driver them. So, their biology. One of these habits is the capability and have to keep your eyes open almost all of the time. 

They used to be Prey

As us briefly mentioned, guinea pigs are little rodents, so as soon as they walk live in the wild, they to be the food of bigger animals and also birds. They were once indigenous to southern America, whereby they were food for:

Wild catsCoyotesWolvesOwlsSnakesHumans… yes, you review that right.

Although there’s not a lot of danger within a guinea pigs’ habitat as a pet, that wild animal instinct is still really much a part of your brain. Therefore, guinea pigs are always on the lookout and ready come hide from any potential predators. 

How come Tell if a Guinea Pig is Asleep


This brings us to the next question. How exactly do you recognize when a guinea pig is asleep? With most other pets, you can tell castle sleeping as soon as they place down and close their eyes. But, without the telltale sign of the eye closing, it deserve to be tricky come tell if her guinea pig is asleep or not. 

They’re sit Still

Guinea pigs are infamous movers and shakers. Lock love come scamper around their habitats, periodically showing off their signature “popcorn” move, whereby they run and also jump, then jump up and down. 

But, as soon as a guinea pig is asleep, that or she will be very, an extremely still. This is not common for guinea pigs, for this reason if her furry friend isn’t moving around, he or she is most likely sleeping. 

Don’t worry, though, guinea pigs nothing sleep for an extremely long durations of time. (source). 

They favor to remainder here and there, yet again, they’re provided to being prey so castle can’t fully shut down for very long. 

They’re Lounging

Guinea pigs have such teeny tiny little legs and feet, and also they’re usually spanned with their fluff, for this reason it’s tough to tell what those tiny limbs space doing under there. If your guinea pig is sitting still, check to check out if there are any little feet poking out of your fur. That’s a giveaway that a nap is underway.

But, a the majority of times, guinea pigs will curl up into a little fur ball once they’re emotion sleepy. That course, they don’t completely relax, due to the fact that they’re fear of being eaten, however if they’re really, yes, really tired, guinea pigs will obtain comfy and also cozy. 

Some guinea pigs choose to cuddle up beside a roommate if lock feeling particularly tired. This is a favourite napping position, but also really, yes, really adorable. 

They’ve obtained “That” watch in their Eye


Sleeping guinea pigs look like they’re simply staring off right into space. While you could think that your pet has actually spotted a ghost, or they discover the ceiling really fascinating, they’re probably simply snoozing. 

To figure out even if it is or not your guinea pig is asleep and also to learn what they look like once they’re asleep, gently clap her hands. This will wake them up, without bring about a major stir. Don’t pick them up while lock asleep because they might bite. 

You’re gift Ignored

Guinea pigs really execute love attention. It is why they do such an excellent pets. Most guinea pigs are really concerned with what their people are doing and also watch lock at every times. 

If you’re being shunned by her guinea pig, and also they’ve gained that glazed-over look at in their eyes, they’re not actually ignoring you. Castle just capturing some shut-eye…minus the really shut eye, that course. 

Sound Effects

Guinea pigs deserve to actually be yes, really noisy sleepers. Some guinea pig owner report the their tiny friends snore as soon as they’re sleeping. (source)

Did you understand it’s not unusual to hear your guinea pig happen gas when they’re sleeping? This is both adorable and slightly gross, every at the very same time. 

When carry out Guinea Pigs Close their Eyes?

Now that we’ve established that guinea pigs don’t close their eyes to sleep, and in fact, seldom close your eyes, we need to know…when perform they actually close your eyes? Surely, they have to offer their college student a remainder at some point, right?

When They feeling Safe

If a guinea pig is feeling really, really for sure in their own habitat, climate they maybe, simply maybe, will actually shut their eyes. As soon as they’re 100% sure that yes nobody around that’s going to eat them, then a guinea pig just could actually close your eyes. 

When They’re simply Plain Exhausted

Every now and again, a guinea pig is simply pooped, and also they just can’t save their eye open any kind of more. This rarely happens, since these small guys nothing exert all that lot energy and also don’t often become over exhausted.

What If Something it s okay In a Guinea Pig’s Eye?

A guinea pig’s eye can obtain irritated, similar to anyone else’s eyes. Or, other in their environment – prefer hay – can end up in their eye and also scratch their cornea. This affliction, occurring in animals that live in hay is usual enough to be dubbed “hay poke.” (source) 

Since guinea pigs’ eyes are constantly open, they space at danger for this. The symptoms are an eye that looks cloudy, together gunk creates in your eye to shot to dislodge the hay fragment. You may also notice your guinea pig seems to it is in struggling to store its eye open.

This video clip can offer you a visual of what that looks like. Take her guinea pig come the vet to assist clear up this condition.

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Does that Hurt Guinea Pigs to save Their eye Open?

Imagine keeping your eyes open, constantly looking around. It sound awful, doesn’t it? yet don’t worry, guinea pigs do periodically blink. So, maintaining their eyes open doesn’t in reality hurt. They blink as soon as they require to, yet not anymore. 

However, they don’t need to blink practically as much as we do. If friend live in an area that’s an especially dry, then her guinea pig can blink an ext than others, but still no all the often. They’re simply wired to not close your eyes unless they absolutely have to. And, for many guinea pigs, they really simply don’t must that often.

Also, guinea pigs are nearsighted, for this reason they can’t view anything much away. Keeping their eyes open many of the moment doesn’t impact their vision either due to the fact that it’s really not all that mainly to begin with.