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Zed1271 from Jacksonville,flI roadied a festival they were on the invoice at one time back in the 90" show.George from Vancouver, CanadaDoze ears, doe!Dan indigenous Middleboro, MaThe music video was filmed in the summer of 1999 in ~ various areas in Paris including Place de l"Estrapade, path de Saxe, and also Champ de Mars. Dan indigenous Middleboro, roof wonder what the human being that showed up in the music video clip are thinking when they see it today!Caitlyn from Royersford, Pai remeber seeing some of the bnd members(jimmy pop and evil jared) a couple of times ~ above viva la bam. As with in your songs they"re hilarious in actual life too. Jimmy pop had me crying ns was laughing therefore hard!Stuart indigenous Liverpool, united KingdomY"know, ns didn"t discover out until newly what the title of this tune was.At first, I thought it to be just one more piece of sexual innuendo, however reading what the location actuallymeant, above, the whole song every one of a sudden simply seems a tiny sinister.........Perhaps it"s just me.Janey from Mw, BelgiumI love this song! ns love the soundeffects too, despite dirty, the song is very poeticDekkun from Anonymous-ville, HiI"ve been acquisition AP Brit Lit due to the fact that July, and our teacher has actually been having actually us dissect composing to choose out the metaphors and also such.When ns heard this song, I thought it to be genius! I never knew there were so plenty of innuendos possible. They have actually proven me wrong!Austin indigenous Seminole, FlThis song reminds me of huge balls by AC DC! i love this tune though and also im just 12Roger from Waterford, MiIt"s kinda funny the this song in on here. Think it"s pretty apparent what this tune is about. Most Bloodhound corridor songs are around this.Devon from Bethlehem, Nmwow daniel i hate you simply leave it at thatShelby from long Island, NyHa, you can always count ~ above The Bloodhound corridor for a good laugh.see much more comments
I desire You BackThe Jackson 5

Michael Jackson was only 11 years and also 5 month old once the Jackson 5"s "I desire You Back" came to be the group"s very first #1 . The so late King of pop is the youngest team member ever before to height the hot 100.

The Magic the Christmas day (God Bless us Everyone)Celine Dion

Celine Dion"s 1998 festive song "The Magic the Christmas work (God Bless united state Everyone)" came from an unlikely source. It to be penned by Dee Snider of the heavy metal tape Twisted Sister.

Brass In PocketPretenders

Chrissie Hynde gained the expression "Brass In Pocket" native a northern England slang term definition you had actually some money, "brass" an interpretation coins.

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sucking It and also SeeArctic monkeys

The Arctic chimpanzees 2011 track "Suck It and also See" is titled after a brother saying an interpretation you should try something to see if you choose it.

BailandoEnrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias" single "Bailando" to be the an initial ever Spanish-language tune to with one billion views on YouTube.

Somewhere the end ThereLinda Ronstadt and also James Ingram

The fight duet "Somewhere out There" was composed for an man film about a family members of immigrant mice who lose one of your young.

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Little huge TownSongwriter Interviews

"When seeds that girlfriend sow thrive by the evil moon/Be certain your sins will uncover you out/Your past will hunt girlfriend down and also turn to tell top top you."

director Nick Morris ("The last Countdown")Song creating

Nick made few of the greatest videos ~ above MTV, including "The last Countdown," "Heaven" and also "Don"t know What You gained (Till It"s Gone)."

Adam Young that Owl CitySongwriter Interviews

Is Owl City on a pursuit for one more hit like "Fireflies?" Adam answers that question and also explains the influences behind numerous others.

The fact Is the end There: A background of extraterrestrial SongsSong writing

The trail runs from flying saucer song in the "50s, through Bowie, blink-182 and Katy Perry.

Eagles text QuizMusic Quiz

Lots the life class in these Eagles text - deserve to you match them come the correct song?

Dean Friedman - "Ariel"They"re play My song

Dean"s saga began with "Ariel," a song around falling in love with a Jewish girl from new Jersey.