In guinea pigs, mounting is either a authorize that castle are communicating or they want to reproduce. That is organic for guinea pigs, spayed and not, come hump and mount other guinea pigs. The mounting should need to protect against at a details point, together this could lead to fights in between them.

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Guinea pigs typically mount top top each other to interact their dominance and also role. A dominant guinea pig will certainly mount on low grade guinea pigs to at first place themselves as the boss and occasionally ~ this to declare your place. Also, mounting have the right to be a sign of sexual maturity.

In guinea pigs, mounting is regular behavior. However, it is an important to suggest out the frequency through which a guinea pig does rise up.

Also, that is vital to inspect how the guinea pig is being mounted. Any type of biting, kicking, vocalizations or fleeing are the indications which indicate that the guinea pig is not willing to be inferior.

It is important to different the guinea pigs in ~ this point to prevent any type of fight.

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There must be a difference between excessive mounting and also standard mounting. Generally, mounting is critical element the communication.

In the guinea pig’s social structure, pecking order is significant. Also, various other behaviors allow guinea pigs to develop these hierarchies, as compared to chasing, biting, and fighting, mounting is a non-violent path.

Introducing a brand-new guinea pig to your family members may view a flow in mounting behavior for this basis. Even once the leading guinea pig has been fixed on, various other dominance and also mounting indications may begin again because that days or mainly afterward.

You can also notification these habits return if one guinea pig is unable to do for some time, because that example, because that a vet surgeon’s visit.

If both guinea pigs are struggling because that authority, then mounting i do not care a problem. This problem occurs as soon as mounting habits may encompass fur pulling and also biting, probably bring about wounds.

That deserve to be also worse, a fight. It is a bad sign if a guinea pig denies being mounted, and also the mounter hunts it. Guinea pigs are more than eligible for harshly hurting each other in a unstable or noisy fight.

It is important to separate guinea pigs that show any aggressiveness worrying mounting. Display equal fondness to both guinea pigs and also do not punish lock for their violent behavior.

That is no a good thing come do, and additionally it can damages your relationships v the guinea pigs. Give some time to your guinea pigs to change with each other’s presence, probably by utilizing an enclosure the keeps castle separated yet can smell and also see every other.

It is an additional issue if mounting is because of the guinea pigs reaching for sexual maturity. Mounting is a authorize that the guinea pig can breed.

Or else they are not far off native this. On the chance that you have actually two or much more guinea pigs and also are of opposing sex, you need to separate them as you don’t want to have babies surprisingly. You deserve to talk v your veterinarian surgeon around having the guinea pigs neutered.

Is too much mounting dangerous because that guinea pigs

The only way that mounting could pose a problem that can be if the guinea pig being an installed has a wound or disease.

Any heart condition or respiration illness can come to be worse by the load of the other guinea pig. Injuries may likewise be irritated. A guinea pig will certainly scream if they room in ache or distress.

If her guinea pig is injured or sick, keep them different in your house. And do observe all interaction with various other guinea pigs come avoid any kind of mounting actions from arising.

Mounting habits is not just an act of reproduction in guinea pigs. It is also a type of communication.

Mostly, they interact for social hierarchy. Guinea pigs are an extremely social and also have strict structures that lower one guinea pig as the solid (primarily female) and also the remainder as inferior.

A strong guinea pig will usage mounting, close to the side other acts, to implement their place as the dominant.

Mounting deserve to happen between female guinea pigs, male guinea pigs, and also both male-female pairs.

Neutered guinea pigs have the right to still practice mounting. Either in response to feather or because that communication, and also early summer activating hormone spikes.

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