You might see lock in alleys, under a patio and also even find them life in her attic. Rats have the right to be uncovered in nearly every corner of the world, however there is so much misinformation out there regarding these rodents. Here are 12 rat myths you need to stop believing.

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Rats reason Disease

Despite what you’ve likely heard, rats didn’t cause the Bubonic plague. If rats can bring some diseases such as rabies, rats aren’t responsible for resulting in the plague, which eliminated millions the people worldwide over number of centuries. Fleas infected through the afflict spread it as they found different hosts.

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Rats Aren’t good Pets

Of course, the ide of what renders a great pet is all a matter of opinion, yet some human being find rats make right pets since they are simple to treatment for and also they are quick to train. Rats are also intelligent, take it up tiny space and don’t call for as much money for upkeep.

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Rats are Dirty

Rats can surely it is in a tiny dirty, but they aren’t any type of dirtier than other animals. If you have one together a pet, you’ll uncover that a rat’s personal hygiene is ~ above par v that that a trained cat or dog.

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Rats Eat Anything and Everything

A rat no a living garbage disposal. Rats room like any type of other animal in that they definitely have preferences once it involves food. For those who store rats as pets, rat nutrition is a hot topic as rats deserve to suffer indigenous diabetes and also obesity, similar to cats and also dogs. Rats will eat grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables in the wild, and also smaller animals and also insects. They’ve been recognized to each trash, compost and also pet food, too.

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Rats flourish as huge as Cats

Rats may seem large, yet most rats hardly ever weigh more than a pound. On average, residential cats load 8 come 12 pounds.

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Rats can’t Eat Cheese

There is a myth the end there that rats can not eat cheese, though it appears counterintuitive because mice seem so fond of it. Rats room like human beings in that few of them are lactose intolerant. While part rats may not eat cheese, others might think of it as their favorite treat. Rats need to never it is in fed blue cheese due to the fact that the mold is toxic to them.

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Rats smell Bad

It is true that male rats deserve to be smellier 보다 female rats, however rats clean themselves and their odor isn’t usually a problem. If you have actually a pet rat, simply remember to clean that cage regularly.

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Rats Don’t present Affection

Rats are social animals, therefore they can display affection as with many other domesticated animals. You might be surprised to discover that pet rats will crawl up on your lap and chatter to display their love.

Cats regulate the Rat Population

While cats might be specialists at keeping the mice populace under control about your home, rats can put increase too much of a hit for most cats. Plus, rats often hide in spots that aren’t accessible to cats, such as in sewers and in chop spaces under porches.

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