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I frequently acquire asked this question by world that are simply starting out via in the hobby. It may seem favor an absurd question at first, till you realize it actually enquires around the need for the water bubbles produced by an aquarium air rock.

So, have the right to mollies live without oxygen? Of course not.


But do they need an air stone or water pump in the aquarium? Yes, I would certainly say they execute.

A water pump, air stone or anything else that drives oxygen into the water is absolutely preferable for your molly fish.

Let’s check out what these tools carry out, just how carry out molly fish breathe, and also exactly how does oxygen exadjust occupational in water.

How Oxygen Exreadjust Works

Molly fish breathe dissolved oxygen in their water, and also they carry out so with their gills. Some fish need oxygen-well-off water and as soon as oxygen levels drop in the aquarium, you’ll often see these fish swimming close at the surconfront of the water.

Regardless of water (H2O) containing oxygen, fish call for oxygen molecules (O2) to endure. You can introduce oxygen to an aquarium, by agitating the water, so that oxygen from the environment gets into the water.

The greater the surface agitation, the more oxygen gets right into the water. You have the right to also include fresh water to the aquarium, which consists of liquified oxygen molecules.

Do Mollies Need an Air Stone or Water Pump?

Since oxygen is indispensable for molly fish, you’ll should promote oxygen exreadjust, so that enough oxygen gets right into the aquarium and meets the oxygen demands of your molly fish.

Installing a water pump or placing an air stone into the aquarium will certainly facilitate oxygen exreadjust by agitating the surchallenge of the water.

An air rock may be a much better choice for a smaller aquarium, while a bigger aquarium would certainly benefit much better from a water pump that will certainly agitate the water much much better.

For good oxygen exreadjust and also to provide your molly fish sufficient oxygen, make sure you invest in a top quality water pump. Pick one that is much less noisy, so you don’t anxiety your fish out.

Oxygen affluent water is essential for some fish and also the most basic way to market them that is to have a water pump in your aquarium.

Live Aquatic Plants – Anvarious other Way to Promote Oxygen Production in Your Aquarium

Anvarious other means to promote oxygen exreadjust is to add live plants to the aquarium. Water pumps and also air stones deserve to be noisy, and you might desire an different to them.

And what much better alternate than what Mvarious other Nature herself gives for the objective of driving even more oxygen right into the water?

Live plants assist produce an all-herbal and self-sustaining ecodevice that have the right to be perfect for your molly fish.

Live plants will certainly feed on the CO2 released by your fish together with nitrates, while molly fish will consume the oxygen released by the live plants in your aquarium.

Thus, you have the right to create a mutually useful and self-sustaining setting. Plus, if the proportion in between live plants and also molly fish is sufficient, you can get ameans through having live plants in your aquarium rather of a water pump.

The difficulty via live plants, however, is that they need maintenance, some call for dosing via fertilizers, others need a lighting system.

If you’re still a beginner, you might not desire to invest in all these, therefore, I recommfinish that you opt for low light and also hardy plants like the ones provided below:

Crypt Wendtii;Hornwort;Waterweed;Amazon Sword;Java Moss;Micro Crypt;Anupredisposition Nana.

With a planted tank, I recommfinish choosing an all-in-one aquarium substrate choose ADA Aqua Soil, which comes pre-packed with all the nutrients forced for healthy plant expansion and development.

Do Molly Fish Need a Water Filter?

Acomponent from a water pump or air stone to save the aquarium water well oxygenated, an additional indispensable devices for your mollies is a water filter.

A water filter will certainly rerelocate toxins and also waste products from your aquarium, maintaining the water clean and clear.

Tbelow are many kind of things in the aquarium that deserve to release toxins and wreak havoc once it concerns the chemical balance establiburned as a result of the nitrogen cycle.

One such thing is the waste developed by your mollies. Mollies have an practically insatiable appetite and deserve to eat fairly a lot. This outcomes in a higher waste manufacturing that have the right to disrupt the water chemisattempt.

Besides the waste developed by your fish, uneaten food that’s left to dewrite in the tank also causes ammonia levels to spike in the tank.

This is wbelow an interior water filter comes in. It helps reduce waste commodities and have the right to help agitate the water, so that even more oxygen have the right to get right into it.

Beyond its water clarifying benefits, a water filter has actually a filter media that gives fairly many surconfront area for useful bacteria to develop.

The bacteria that colonize the filter media aid in transforming ammonia into nitrites, and nitrites into nitrates in the time of the nitrogen cycle, and also they continue helping to preserve a healthy and balanced water chemisattempt in the future.

If you have actually fry in your tank or planning on reproduction your fish, you can acquire a sponge filter or transcreate your interior filter so that it’s fry-safe.

Because baby fish are so little, they can easily gain sucked into the filter device.


Molly fish can’t endure without oxygen and also anytime the oxygen levels in the tank drop, your fish are exposed to illnesses and also diseases.

Therefore, past stimulating oxygen exadjust via an air rock, water pump or by planting live plants in your molly fish tank, make sure to also:

Regularly perform water changes;Vacuum the substrate and clean tank surfaces;Rinse filters;Don’t overfeed your fish;Remove any type of unconsumed foods.

If you abide by these tips and also recommendations, you’ll be able to sell your molly fish a healthy and balanced atmosphere.

Due to the fact that aquariums are a closed ecodevice, maintenance tasks must be performed regularly to maintain the water chemisattempt and balance that was produced throughout the nitrogen cycle.

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I hope my short article has actually answered your questions around the oxygen requirements of molly fish and also the systems that must be deployed to ensure correct oxygen exreadjust in the aquarium water.