I"ve newly been looking about for this and haven"t fairly come throughout one. Yeeeears ago I psychic hearing around it, as well as the video game Boy player, yet googling a bit and also looking in my regional pawn shops have actually come up with nothing.

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I don"t mental there ever being one. Definitely not officially, or even semi-officially.What girlfriend should simply do is a buy a Retro Duo.



Why would anyone desire that? Wouldn"t that be easier to buy a SNES and also NES through themselves? It"s not prefer it walk to make the NES games look or beat better.

Sweet, this is specifically what I wanted to know, the Retro Duo will fit my requirements perfectly, thank you :)

Lights_Up_The_Shaft: I wanted it in order come not have to buy one NES, as I have enough consoles, and currently have a SNES so ns figured I"d spend 10 canadian dollars instead of choose 40 plus shipping for something that would certainly hopefully work. The Retro Duo will be exactly what ns am spring for, however, then ns don"t also need to usage my SNES!

buzz_clik said: " i don"t remember there ever being one. Definitely not officially, or even semi-officially.What you should simply do is a buy a Retro Duo. "Uh no, Retro Duo has some significant compatibility problems with a couple of big games and also doesn"t work-related with some SuperFX gamings at all.

Save yourself the trouble and also just play one of these. I"ll it is in buying one Experia Play as soon as it comes out later on this month, and I"ll be loading it up with every Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genesis, Gamegear, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, and also N64 game ever before made on it. That have to be rad.

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SeriouslyNow said: " Uh no, Retro Duo has actually some major compatibility problems with a few big games and also doesn"t work-related with part SuperFX games at all. "That may be so, however it beats the hell out of chasing what is more than likely an imagine conversion cartridge. Personally, I"ve never had any issue with the console, but that might be due to the fact that I"m not plugging the best (or wrong) things into it; my video game tastes perform seem to err top top the next of obscure. Which titles does that not work with?Of course, the ideal thing to carry out would be to get both original consoles and just play points on that to it is in 100% sure.

i never ever heard of one of those. Ns do know there is a gameboy one favor what you said. Probably you need to go emulator if friend really desire one. I don"t think the it would feel the same, despite =/

buzz_clik: file Mario, Mario RPG (it only works through one particular US version) and also Battletoads space the most recognisable gamings which don"t work but there are countless NES ands SNES games which have issues. The is far better than the FC Twin however that"s not really speak much.
SeriouslyNow: Man, I"ve no tried Mario RPG in it however - gonna go home right now and also see if I"m afflicted! Battletoads isn"t that large a loss, though. Is there a list (or lists) somewhere where I have the right to check? You"ve do me desire to go home and also methodically shot out every my carts.

Converters that allow you come play NES games on SNES hardware execute exist, however from what ns recall, they"re complicated to find, not ergonomically designed, and have hardware emulation issues even more extreme than what you"ll sometimes find on stuff favor the Retro Duo and the like. You"re tho ultimately much better off just acquiring your hands on the real hardware due to the fact that pretty much every agency that provides copycats utilizing the expired patents doesn"t ever before put in the suitable amount the time and money to ensure consistent, precise emulation.