In the modern era that NFL football, the Cleveland Browns are one of the couple of remaining groups not to have actually a professional cheerleading squad. The closest castle have ever before had was an all-girl marching band, shown here.

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Other members the the NFL which carry out not or have actually not ever had cheerleading squads are:

Pittsburgh Steelers, brand-new York Giants, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Green only Packers (the new York Jets introduced cheerleaders in 2007).

Why No Cleveland Browns Cheerleaders

When human being ask why the Browns don�t have cheerleaders, the most common answer provided is their old-school mentality. This is, ~ all, a team i m sorry doesn�t feature a logo on the side of their helmets, rather preferring a solid brown color scheme.

Another reason offered is Cleveland�s cold temperature in the fall and also winter months. Since they have an the end stadium, this would certainly make for really uncomfortable problems for a cheerleading squad. It must be pointed out, however, the the brand-new England Patriots have actually cheerleaders, and also temperatures at Foxboro stadium throughout the second half of the season are just as frigid together those at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Cleveland Browns Cheerleaders – Skirting the Issue

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when the Browns have actually never had actually an main group, lock have had cheerleaders ~ above the sidelines throughout home games. In year past, this took the kind of cheer squads from local high schools.

During the 1940s, the Browns also had an all-girl marching band. In the snapshot above, you can see team founder Arthur B. McBride having actually a little fun v the leggy girl from the 1947 squad.

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Will the Browns ever Have Cheerleaders?

Every year, at last one cheerleader thread appears to be began on every Browns� pan forum. When the issue seems to greatly irritate a variety of purists, there are also a huge amount of fans who article in donate of including cheerleaders come the Brownies.

An virtual poll has also been began to gather support for a team-sponsored cheerleading squad. Handle to team chairman Phil Savage, that reads:

�The Cleveland Browns are lastly moving increase in their level the competitiveness. However, over there is one piece of the puzzle absent to be taken into consideration a legit contender: cheerleaders. If you feel the Browns are just this one step away from the super Bowl, authorize this petition and also let the Browns know we desire cheerleaders top top the sidelines!�