If you’re trying to find a smaller dimension bed for your home, there are a couple of choices that will work well, depending upon your needs and also space. Even if it is you are in search of a bed because that a child, a cozy an are for a guest room, or a dorm-worthy ar to snooze for her favorite college student, a pair or twin XL bed with luxury twin bedding is the perfect solution.

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In addition, twin and twin XL mattresses deserve to be driven together in the master bedroom to do a king size bed because that couples who prefer to sleep on different varieties of mattresses. One twin or pair xl mattress can be at sight soft and also luxurious, while the other deserve to be ultra-firm, accommodating both parties.

While the twin and also twin XL mattresses might look an extremely similar, over there is a major size distinction when it involves twin vs twin XL beds. Though the size difference can not seem like enough to make lot of a genuine difference, the extra room a pair XL mattress uses really does provide a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

In fact, the main feature of the twin XL is its larger size. A twin XL mattress is longer than the twin mattress, which is actually what the letter “XL” means in the name. The extra-long size of the twin XL bed provides it a popular an option for teens and adults, while standard twin beds, additionally referred come as solitary beds, are great for younger kids or for those through really little bedrooms.

Both of these mattresses are comparable in width, yet the pair XL bed is longer. That is important to know the sizes of each of these renowned beds, not just to ensure that you room buying the appropriate size bed, but additionally to make certain the deluxe sheets and bedding will certainly fit your bed properly.

A typical twin mattress is 39” large and 75” long

A twin XL mattress is 39” broad and 80” long

Although that is only 5” longer, the pair XL mattress makes all the distinction in making the bed more comfortable. This renders the twin XL a popular an option for college students in dorms or tiny apartments. In fact, the pair XL bed is exactly half the size of a queen size bed, making it the perfect size for one adult. In addition, two twin XL bed are around the same size together a king size bed.



Since the state on bedding are regularly used interchangeably, it is crucial to note the precise dimensions when buying bedding to ensure it will work for both beds. This is particularly important with mattress pads and fitted bottom sheets, but your twin size blankets, and also twin flat sheets should work just fine. Some manufacturers describe the twin XL bedding in terms such as extra-long twin, TXL, twin extra-long, and extended twin, so be sure to look for these terms when purchasing high-end bedding because that your twin XL mattress.

The measurements of a twin level sheet is frequently 66” broad by 96” long. Girlfriend may an alert that part manufacturers usage the very same size sheets for your twin and also twin XL flat sheets. If so, friend can select either sheet for your twin XL bed. Other companies, however, offer longer sheet sizes for pair XL mattresses the measure approximately 102” in length. For your reference, pair blankets average approximately 66” vast by 90” long; pair comforters mean 68” broad by 88” long; and twin XL comforters average 68" vast by 90" long, and even longer. High quality twin and also twin XL sheets choose those native Peacock Alley are generous in size and also are 75” large by 112” long, because that the utmost comfort.


Even though the distinction in the length of the twin and twin XL is only about 5”, the twin XL mattress will not fit right into a typical twin size bed frame, as it will be too long. This way that enclosed twin dimension frames and also units prefer bunk beds, daybeds, and loft beds need to have actually the precise size mattress to fit properly.

A pair box spring, yet can hold a pair XL mattress, but the extra part of the mattress that will hang end the sheet of the box spring may reason the bed to it is in unbalanced and also interfere v the support you receive while sleeping. In addition, the mattress may become damaged because of the extra strain on the from repetitive incorrect use. For finest results, usage a twin XL structure with your pair XL mattress.

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Peacock Alley can help you select the best high-quality bedding and also sheets because that your twin or twin XL bed. Indigenous sateen sheets that offer supreme quality and also a buttery feel to our fine arsenal of high-end duvet covers, Peacock Alley has whatever you have to make your twin and also twin XL bed because that a great night’s sleep every time.