2D glasses occupational by having actually the exact same direction polarisation lens in both eyes, letting world who normally acquire headaches from 3D films, clock 3D glasses with friends (obviously, if they"re ~ above their own they can just walk watch 2D movies)

However on the purchase web page they say:

Note: 2D glasses work-related in 3D cinemas. However, they do not work at IMAX theatres.

Why is that? What provides IMAX cinema 3D different?


The most common kind of 3D estimate (apart native IMAX 3D) is RealD, and also this uses circular polarisation. But IMAX 3D uses direct polarisation. This method RealD glasses won"t work-related in one IMAX and also vice versa.

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The 2D glasses room made through aligning the polarising lenses to it is in the same on both political parties so the both eyes get the same image. This method works because that both RealD and IMAX, but just as for the 3D glasses you require circularly polarised glasses for RealD and also linear because that IMAX.

I i think the glasses in your connect have to be made through circular polarisers therefore they work for RealD however not because that IMAX.


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