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Anyone have the talk specs because that the intake manifold bolts ~ above the 2013 5.7 engine?I think they"re an alleged to it is in torqued down to 105 inch lbs but need to be sure.A forum member, Toxic11, posted that information but it was from the business manual on an "06 engine and also I don"t understand if they would be the same on the present model.Thanks!

Its still 105 bolts are fairly slender (approx 3mm dia.) and also you don"t desire to:*shear bolt turn off in aluminum head*crack the composite manifold (they"re how amazing expensive)The o-rings approximately each port space a nitrile rubber and also you want to compress them, yet they don"t have to be crushed to seal properly.Work indigenous the center and also cross to opposite and also work towards then ends - there"s a complete of ten bolts.I simply pulled my manifold (cam swap and readjust out solenoids) and also mine were pretty tight (33.6k and virtually 5 years).
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Its tho 105 bolts are rather slender (approx 3mm dia.) and you don"t want to:*shear bolt turn off in aluminum head*crack the composite manifold (they"re surprisingly expensive)The o-rings around each port room a nitrile rubber and you want to compress them, however they don"t should be crushed to seal properly.Work native the center and cross come opposite and work towards then end - there"s a full of ten bolts.I just pulled mine manifold (cam swap and adjust out solenoids) and mine were pretty chop (33.6k and virtually 5 years).
Hal... Many thanks!I started messing about with that yesterday after reading another thread and also checked to check out if they to be loose.Since 105 is the correct number, I can say that mine to be pretty loose! ns think every bolt turn at the very least one complete turn and some much more than that. This is top top a new engine through 6,000 miles.

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Hal... Many thanks!I began messing roughly with it yesterday ~ reading another thread and also checked to watch if they were loose.Since 105 is the exactly number, I deserve to say the mine to be pretty loose! ns think every bolt rotate at the very least one complete turn and some an ext than that. This is on a brand-new engine v 6,000 miles.
Not the I have the right to tell. The member that ran throughout this issue and brought it to mine attention stated it make a huge difference in the performance.As for mine, it was running prefer a scalded dog to begin with and I didn"t see any difference after i tightened the up. Ns really don"t see just how it could unless there to be one or much more bolts so loosened as to reason a leak in the intake, and also that would need to be serious loose.However, ns don"t want my intake bolts come be less tight 보다 specs contact for so I"m happy the it was brought up and also I feel better knowing they"re tightened under to spec.
Did mine this weekend and it is like adding another 25 HP. Rough idle, gone. Stutter on low RPM roll, gone. Rubber band extending feeling throughout 0-60+ runs, gone. Crazy to think once these things come loosened it doesn"t litter a code. Cheapest performance include on ever!
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I confirm mine too after popping the engine cover turn off and notice had part blow by leaking out. The passenger side behind one I might turn through hand it was so loose. I gave them every a few turns, yet have had actually no lucky finding a inch torque wrench the doesnt begin at 120sqin regional by me so i can complete tightenig them under to spec. 105sqin aint much like 8.75 lbs... Looks prefer I will need to order one online. After I gave them every a couple of turns mine idle cleaned up and also no much longer drops down after braking, and also seems to have made a distinction with few of the laggy feel in 3rd.

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