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i justhad to go out for a spin about an hour after mine wife got home w/ the car. Once I started the car, the ESP/BAS light and also engine light to be on - w/ a slight miss or stormy idle. Ns turned off, began again - no problem. Stopped through a friends home so they could drool and also when I began up to leave, very same light. Turn off, started again - no problem. Any type of ideas? anything to concern about?I"ll autumn by dealer simply in case. I simply don"t desire to leaving the car! i won"t be going come the dealer wherein I purchased yet one closer. Anyone had actually trouble w/ business from dealers you didn"t putchase from?This is the only prob I"ve had. This car is incredible.
* girlfriend go. Allow us recognize what friend find. I had actually been an interpretation to stick that thread. Thanks for recall me.

The exact same thing has actually happened to my automobile at least twice...Have friend unhooked her battery because that something? friend might shot making certain the stability control"s steering sensor is correct...Basically, start the car turn the wheel all the means left come the stop, every the means right, then back to center. This allows the stability control know wherein "center" is.I don"t recognize if this is the problem yet that was the just thing I can find in the hands-on that would cause the ESP/BAS light.
adarmagneT2006 Red Charger R/T...Dynatech Head&Cats, Magnaflow, K&N, Hotchkis Sways, AutoHeadlight, roof RD power, Flashpaq, NoESP.

I had this confirm out once I take it my vehicle in today. Lock couldn"t uncover anything and it hasn"t happened since.If you take it your car in sometimes, definately report it. If it ends up gift a problem, at the very least you space on document as having actually it.
adarmagneT2006 Red Charger R/T...Dynatech Head&Cats, Magnaflow, K&N, Hotchkis Sways, AutoHeadlight, roof RD power, Flashpaq, NoESP.

Many thanks! Hmm. Hasn"t occurred again since. Ns haven"t had to disconnect battery. I"ll go v those steps and check all. girlfriend go. Permit us recognize what you find. I had actually been definition to stick that thread. Thanks for recall me.
GLHS837...Thanks because that posting this...I never ever knew around the cluster diagnostics. Ns tried the yesterday and I like it much better than the nav details that ns leave on all the time. This tells you everything and also you deserve to leave that up all the time. Just hit the circle N to gain it back to normal. Again many thanks I think this attribute will aid a the majority of people.
Hey those going on? I simply purchased a black r/t through the 5.7 fully loaded 2 days ago. Ns have around 116 miles on it. Yesterday the exact same thing occurred to me. Best away ns turned the auto off and restarted, and the difficulty went away. So once i reached home i tried come duplicate the proplem by shuting the automobile off and on, and also it would"nt do it. So later on it taken place again. Because the dealer was closed ns went through my manual and found what i think the cause is. On web page 136 (Eectronic accelerator Control) appears to be the culprit. So if anyone else is having this problem have her dealer look at in come the (ETC). Im acquisition mines in first thing tomorrow.Hope this info was helpful and also if anyone finds any other details please post.
I pulled the fascia to settle a headlight and disconnected the sensors as presented in Junior"s thread. I had actually the ESP/BAS and also the traction light on for around a mainly afterward before I had actually a few hours to look in ~ it.I uncovered a item of broken plastic inside the body harness recess the was keeping one of the connections from being flush. Pulled out the plastic, sit the connection, and also VOILA! Recalibrated the steering wheel and lights gone.Lesson is examine your connections! specifically if you"ve to be goofing around with them. Ns was afraid it was something much an ext dramatic.
bignutty WHEW i feel a lot of better. Ns just gained the EPS/BAS + Traction irradiate on nad ns was expecting the worse. But based on what girlfriend said, ns feel far better because I simply took turn off my fascia which required disconnecting all of my lights, so im going to go try this!
I had actually the problem with the ABS, BAS and ESP irradiate on. Ns took it come the dealer, lock ran diagnostics and also found out the R/R axel tone wheel the end of variety (whatever that means). Anyway they changed the R/R axel and so much so good.
I had actually the trouble with the ABS, BAS and ESP irradiate on. Ns took it to the dealer, they ran diagnostics and also found the end the R/R axel ton wheel the end of selection (whatever that means). Still they changed the R/R axel and also so far so good.
I have this same problem with this lights on mine "07 R/ began after noticing a strange feeling as soon as braking normally. The pedal felt choose it was in ABS setting for no reason and also a vibration, and also slipping emotion in the prior brakes. The brakes still prevent normally but occasionally has actually this weird pedal feeling and the ABS/EPS/BAS breakdown lights walk on. The brake pads and rotors are fine since I had them checked. Sound like just a sensor trouble or the ABS system shot? Never had this problem...
I had actually the same difficulty with mine 07 SXT and also it turned out the best rear wheel rate sensor was going out. Supposedly these cars have actually an issue with the wheel speed sensors and ABS module
If you build a guy fire he will certainly be heat for a day....Set a man on fire he will be warmth the remainder of his life!:deal:
I had actually the difficulty with the ABS, BAS and ESP light on. Ns took it to the dealer, they ran diagnostics and also found out the R/R axel tone wheel out of selection (whatever the means). Anyway they replaced the R/R axel and also so far so good.
I had same problem: ABS/EPS/BAS lights going on and also off. Took it to evade dealer...turns the end the behind axle lock nut came loose on one side leading to the axle to retract, throwing turn off tone ring data which causes the warning lights to light up. Price $166.00 to change nuts top top both ends of rear axle.
im having actually the same difficulty with my 3.5. However i notice when the lights revolve off as soon as i put the revolve signals to make a left make a left turn and also then the lights will turn it defiantly pipeline me like wtf and also i saw the dealer and also their choose oh the going come 500 for idk what -.- i dont know if anyone to know whats walk on or has a much better solution than the dealer
This is mine charger. Over there are many like it however this one is mine. I am nothing there is no my charger. Mine charger is nothing there is no me.... Mopar or No car
Folks, I have an 07 dodge Charger RT. The ABS, ESP and also BSA lights came on at the exact same time. I knew mine brake pads were very low on all 4 wheels however had not yet hit the squealer. Suspect this is what caused the lights to which I changed the brake pads on all 4 wheels. I drove the auto for awhile but the lights stayed on and I began to gain some vibration in the steering wheel in ~ 35 to 40 mph. This wasn"t happening until I adjusted the brake pads. Here is wherein things gain interesting. I Googled this problem and read all kinds of methods to deal with this problem...replacing a negative wheel sensor, replacing the ABS module up to adjusting the Tork screw under the steering wheel. Now every auto is various but before you dive in head an initial and spend unnecessary money I suggest you fix the obvious, in my case replace the brake pads, disconnect the hopeful battery short article to remove power from the main Computer. I"m no sure how long your car computer will take to reset chin so in my situation I just let that sit end night, reconnected the confident cable the next morning, began the car and yes the lights was still on, a little disheartening yet I remembered that the auto had come be above 40 mph for computer to kick in and sure enough once I reached 40 MPH the ABS, ESP and BAS every went out and the automobile is driving fine. Additionally I review where once the ABS light comes on and also stays top top you need to take your vehicle to who who has actually an OBD tool to have it reset. Probably this is true for part vehicles however not my 07 Charger. I hope this details helps someone fix their ABS, ESP and BAS issues.

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