A rhombus is a quadrilateral wherein all the sides are of equal measure and also the opposite sides are parallel. It is additionally defined as a parallelogram with surrounding sides of same length. An imaginary line v which the rhombus is folded into two halves such that these halves are symmetrical in nature is recognized as a rhombus line of symmetry. Let's understand more about the rhombus currently of symmetry.

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1.Lines of the opposite in Rhombus
2.Lines the Rotational symmetry in a Rhombus
3.Lines of the contrary in a no Square Rhombus
4.FAQs top top Rhombus lines of Symmetry

Lines of symmetry in Rhombus

There are 2 lines of the contrary in a rhombus. The imagine axis or line follow me which the rhombus have the right to be folded to acquire the two symmetrical halves is called the heat of symmetry in rhombus. If the folded component exactly superimposes on the various other half, through all the edges and corners coinciding, then the folded line represents a heat of symmetry and that shape is symmetry either along its length, width, or diagonals. The diagonals are the 2 currently of the opposite in a rhombus. This is because, when we wrinkles the rhombus follow me the diagonal line line, we gain the same shape as 2 halves. Let's look into the chart given below which mirrors the 2 currently of symmetry in a rhombus.

ABCD is a rhombus wherein the diagonals AC and also BD are the 2 lines the symmetry shown using the dotted lines.

Lines the Rotational the opposite in a Rhombus

A rhombus has rotational the contrary of order 2. Rotational the contrary is characterized as a form of the opposite in which the photo of a offered shape looks exactly similar to the initial shape or image in one complete or 360° rotation. So, when a form is turned about a complete rotation and also the shape is identical to the origin, we view the rotational the contrary exists. Us will fully rotate a rhombus by 360 levels in various stages and also check the images created to examine the order of the rotational symmetry as presented below.

From the over images the a rhombus, we observe that it fits onto itself double in one complete rotation the 360°. Therefore, we can conclude the the bespeak of rotational the contrary in a rhombus is 2 and the angle of rotation is 180°.

Lines of the opposite in a no Square Rhombus

A square is a special type of rhombus v all its interior angles measure 90° each. A non-square rhombus (also known as a rhombus) is different from a square v respect come its inner angles. Unequal a square, a non-square rhombus walk not have all its internal angles equal to 90°. The number of lines of the contrary in a non-square rhombus is 2, whereas, a square has actually 4 currently of symmetry. The present of the opposite in a square are attracted through its upright axis, horizontal axis, and two diagonals whereas the lines of symmetry in a non-square rhombus are attracted through that is diagonals. Let's look into the diagram below showing the currently of the opposite in a square and also a non-square rhombus.

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Rhombus present of symmetry Examples

Example 1: What space the angles at i m sorry a rhombus has actually rotational symmetry?


Rotational the opposite is identified as a form of symmetry in which the photo of a offered shape watch exactly similar to the original shape or image in one full or 360° rotation. So, once a shape is turned, and the form is identical to the origin, rotational the contrary persists. Hence, a rhombus has actually a rotational symmetry at an angle of 180°.

Example 2: If a rhombus has actually one of its angle as an acute angle, how countless lines the symmetry walk this rhombus have?


It is provided that among the angles of the rhombus is one acute angle. Using this info we can conclude the the rhombus is not square-shaped. If all its angle were 90°, it would certainly be a square that has actually 4 lines of symmetry. We know that a non-square rhombus has actually only 2 present of symmetry through its diagonals. Therefore, the offered rhombus has actually two lines of symmetry.

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FAQs on Rhombus currently of Symmetry

What are the lines of symmetry in a Rhombus?

The diagonals the a rhombus stand for the 2 present of symmetry in a rhombus. They division the rhombus into similar halves.

Does a Rhombus have any kind of Lines of Symmetry?

Yes, a rhombus has two currently of symmetry with its diagonals.

Why go a Rhombus have only 2 currently of Symmetry?

A rhombus has only 2 lines of symmetry due to the fact that when us fold the rhombus follow me its diagonal lines, we gain the same shape as 2 halves which deserve to superimpose on each various other showing the symmetric nature.

How countless Lines of Symmetry does a Non-Square Rhombus have?

A non-square rhombus, additionally known together a rhombus i beg your pardon is not a square has actually 2 present of symmetry through its diagonal lines.

Does a Rhombus have four Lines that Symmetry?

Only a square rhombus has 4 lines the symmetry with its vertical axis, horizontal axis, and also two diagonal line lines, whereas, a rhombus that is no a square can not have 4 lines of symmetry. It can only have actually two currently of symmetry.

What is the smallest Angle the Rotational Symmetry for a Rhombus?

The smallest angle of rotational symmetry in a rhombus is 180°.

What stimulate of Rotational Symmetry walk a Rhombus have?

The order of rotational the opposite is characterized as the number of times that shape appears exactly the exact same in a complete 360-degree rotation. A rhombus has rotational the opposite of order 2 as it shows up twice exactly the exact same in a complete rotation.

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How plenty of Lines the Symmetry walk a Rhombus have?

A rhombus has actually two currently of symmetry. The two diagonals of a rhombus room its present of symmetry.