Clonidine is often used together a therapy medication for opioid withdrawal. If it deserve to be efficient for this purpose, many individuals are concerned around how lengthy the drug will certainly actually remain in their systems.

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Clonidine’s Uses and also Effects

According come the national Library that Medicine, clonidine is a centrally acting alpha-agonist hypotensive agent. It is frequently used come treat high blood pressure yet can additionally be provided to act ADHD. For many individuals, though, clonidine is provided to regulate the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms caused when who dependent on opioids stops utilizing these medicine (Substance Abuse and also Mental health Services Administration).


Clonidine can reduce withdrawal symptoms such as ab cramps and anxiety.

Clonidine is an reliable medication because that this purpose since it have the right to minimize countless of the withdrawal results opioids can cause, including

AnxietyAgitationMuscle, joint, and bone painSweatingAbdominal crampsRunny nose

According come the NLM, that is usually many effective against the flu-like withdrawal symptoms connected with opioids, but it does not reduce problems like vomiting, nausea, and also diarrhea. It likewise cannot soothe insomnia or alleviate cravings. Another medication might need to it is in prescribed for these issues, specifically the gastrointestinal effects associated with withdrawal.

How long Does Clonidine continue to be in your System?

Clonidine’s impacts will commonly last for about 12 to 16 hours. But traces that the drug deserve to stay in a person’s device for much longer than this. In general, a urine test have the right to detect the use of clonidine approximately 3 job after the individual takes the medication. This is essential to know, together the drug does no leave a person’s system immediately after its results subside.


However, different individuals might experience much longer detection times because that clonidine, as the drug have the right to linger in one’s system much longer if they room subject to specific variables. These deserve to include

Metabolism: The rate of one’s line can affect the lot of time it takes for the human body to malfunction and flush the end clonidine. If a person has actually a slow metabolism, the drug will certainly linger longer in your system.Age: Older individuals tend to have slower metabolisms, because of this causing them to experience much longer periods the time wherein a drug prefer clonidine would stay in their system.Body size: Those with much more fat and/or those who are bigger will not procedure the drug as quickly. Together a result, traces of it will remain in their solution for much longer periods of time.Dosage or frequency of use: similar to most drugs, human being who take clonidine frequently or in high doses are likely to check out the medicine linger in their equipment for much longer periods 보다 those who take it when or in a smaller sized dose.

Can i Take Methadone and also Clonidine at the very same Time?

It is not recommended that patients overcoming opioid addiction take both methadone and also clonidine simultaneously. In fact, countless methadone clinics ask their patients to take it urine tests therefore they have the right to determine even if it is or no they have actually been acquisition clonidine prior to admitting them come the program. The interaction of the drug v methadone can often be problematic, even sometimes bringing on the sedative effects opioid abuse have the right to cause.

According to a study in the newspaper of problem Abuse Treatment, clonidine abuse, unfortunately, walk occur. “Of 22 applicants who took clonidine illicitly, 15 offered it primarily to decrease opioid withdrawal, and also for its sedating effect.” The illicit usage of clonidine can be an issue, and the medicine is likely to linger in a person’s device even more if they are abusing it. This is another reason why clonidine and methadone shouldn’t be taken in ~ the very same time.

How deserve to I find Treatment for medicine Abuse?

If you have been abusing clonidine, opioids, or any other kind of drug and also need help, call 800-530-0431Who Answers? today. We will complement you with a rehab routine that will certainly suit her needs and also answer any type of questions you may have around drug addiction, treatment, and recovery. You can begin your life anew as soon as feasible and put your substance abuse in the past.

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