TOKYO -- A cross between gum and also hardcandy, Hi-Chew has kept Japanese mouths busy because 1975. Yet an i can not qualify tie-in has offered Morinaga & Co.\"s middle-aged product a brand-new lease on life: U.S. Major League Baseball.

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Morinaga\"s Hi-Chew candy comes in over 180 flavors and also reaches varied industries such together the U.S. And also Indonesia.

Hi-Chew\"s big-league career started when Junichi Tazawa, a Japanese pitcher and fan of the candy, introduced it to his gum-chewing teammates on the Boston Red Sox. Plenty of players ended up being hooked ~ above the two-layered chews\" just-right texture and also long-lasting flavor. Indigenous of the candy spread to fans, developing a miniboom.

Morinaga started a U.S. Candy factory in 2015 and also has offered Hi-Chew through retail huge Wal-Mart Stores since last year. The confectioner does not disclose sales the this product alone, however Hi-Chew shows up to account for the bulk of the company\"s American sales, which climbed 40% ~ above the year in dissension terms because that the 6 months ended Sept. 30.

Morinaga very first ventured into foreign markets in the early on 1990s yet struggled to discover gold there till the Hi-Chew phenomenon.

The Hi-Chew formula grew out of Morinaga\"s Milk Caramel, and also has undergone only a couple of tweaks through the years. Hi-Chewers soon notice that the candy does no stick to their teeth -- there\"s a patent on that. The candy currently comes in an ext than 180 flavors, native strawberry to exotic tastes such together durian. Morinaga included American cherry come the lineup for the U.S. Market.

The candy has actually reached other parts of the world, too. Morinaga uses a halal Hi-Chew in Indonesia and also other Muslim-majority markets. Adhering to Islamic food regulation took some effort, due to the fact that the initial candy\"s gumminess originates from a pork-derived gelatin.

This global strategy has offered investors something to chew on. Morinaga\"s re-superstructure price hit a 26-year high in October.


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