Why does this game overwrite your autosave AFTER you die? I've lost two good horses from this bs. If I die, it should restore to the last autosave.

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The game doesn't load a save after you die. The game saves when you die because clearly a bunch of shit went down. Manual save if you want to save scum. Just get a new horse, it doesn't take long to get to bond level 3.


Oh so, that time I wanted to say hello to the sherif, but instead pulled a gun on him and got shot to death, even though I just unequipped my weapon, I should live with those consequences? I can understand not wanting to save scum but there are so many bullshit reasons and mechanical foibles that can result in you missing content and losing progress that it’s just bad game design.

Also, it’s not realism or “living with consequences” when your character literally dies and comes back. I’d much rather there was no re-spawn at all than Rockstar giving me one dumb game logic that overrides another just to spite me. See if you still have the same opinion when you and your horse fall through the game world and die, and then Rockstar tells you to “live with the consequences”.

It would be nice if it kept the last 3 autosaves like Skyrim does. Too easy to commit errors in this game.

Right? Hit y to get on your horse, but instead attack the nearest person. Brilliant fucking design there.

What do you mean no? That’s literally how every game works since the invention of the autosave.

I got into a shootout for a stupid accidental shoving and they killed my horse and then I died trying to revive it.

Manual save is the answer, I have two slots I save into each time so autosave doesn't screw me out of pelts or whatever.

The game also doesn’t tell you this happens, so I played deep into the game, reloading my auto save, not knowing that I had missed content due some dumb bullshit.

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