Some salami needs to be preserved in the refrigerator and also some carry out not. I have actually made salami because that a few decades and this question world ask frequently wanting to take salami ~ above a trip or holiday.

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Even despite there are thousands of sport of salamis, many of the ones ns make don’t need refrigeration due to the fact that there room a dried cured cured types.

I’ll intricate on dry cured salami below to offer you far better idea that what to look out for.


First a quick an overview and then I will be much more descriptive.

Dry Cured Salami does not must be refrigerated. Instances of dry Cured Salamis are Genoa, Sopressata, Felino, Napoli and also Finocchiona. These have been dried come a point of preservation.

Types that Salamis & Why Some should be Refrigerated

There room two main species of salamis one demands to be kept in the refrigerator and also the other one not. It’s around moisture in the meat, bacteria, salt, acidity, cooked, or not.

Why can Some Salamis it is in Kept outside the Fridge

Dry-cured salamis are able to it is in kept external the fridge since they room salt-cured, they have actually maybe likewise been dried so the undesirable bacteria discover it hard to survive, and often it’s an acidic atmosphere (you know that tangy taste you obtain sometimes?). The salami is dried come a allude where minimal bacterial growth can exist inside the salami.

Dry Cured Salami

These are likewise known together ‘hard salami‘ or ‘dry salami’

Most of the salami that ns make is dry cured. The classic Italian salami that is dried cured is a standard dimension of approx. 2″ thick.

It could take 2 or 3 month to dry the salami in the timeless way. And also at times it might even take much longer than that.

This kind of salami is now much more of one artesian style. Many commercially created salami that you acquire in the supermarket execute not fall into this category since corporate advertisement salami needs to be developed fast.

One that the key ways they perform this is including to the process addition acidity, if they create an acidic setting inside the salami undesirable bacteria can’t thrive. Commercial salamis utilizing this method can be created in a couple of days, they prevent the drying facets because the the acidity.

You could have make the efforts salami prefer this. It has a strong tangy flavor i beg your pardon is as result of the acidic materials which undesirable bacteria room not fond of.

To control unwanted bacteria once making salami – salt, spices, acidity and also cold smoking have the right to be used relying on the style, most of the homemade salami i make usage all these aspects.

You know that white powdery mold top top the outside of some salami? That’s a form of penicillin, a an excellent mold!


For a the majority of the dry-cured salamis i make, presenting a starter society to readjust the pH mean the acidic environment is created. End a slow drying process the acidity mellows out. The various other starter mold culture I could introduce is the white penniclin kind on the exterior of the salami.

Though once this is current inside a meat curing or dry area, it has tendency to just happily co-exist.

Traditional, Homemade or Artisanal dry-cured salami should be an extremely firm if you squeeze it since it’s shed at least 35% as much as 45% of its weight. This is among the difficulties when dry out salami evenly so the the exterior doesn’t dried out much faster than the inside.

Hot exhilaration Salami

Many the the salamis that you view for sale especially their snack cold beer stick varieties are smoked and also cooked in ~ the same time. This is what we contact hot smoking.

Hot smoked Salami = cooked/smoked in ~ the same time

There is not as lot salt as if the product to be being dry-cured (about half). Since the moisture level has actually not been reduced and also the product is just cooked that is why you deserve to not store it exterior the refrigerator.

Many the the homemade formats of bacon world make, instead of dried curing, they chef / warm smoke come a safe inner temperature. Climate re-cook or dried it to shot and crispy the up. The only method to maintain this type of hot smoked bacon is to save it in the refrigerator.

Here is a connect to the difference between hot and also cold smoking.


Can be added to hot smoked salami which have the right to increase the shelf life significantly to a couple of extra days. But, it’s constantly best to check out the referrals on packaging to find out exactly how long it’ll last and whether you must keep it in the frozen fridge or not.

Unopened packages the certain species of warm smoked salami may last some time due to a absence of oxygen within the packaging and also other approaches the factories use.

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Salamis suitable for Hiking and also Backpacking

Hard or dried Cured Salami is most an ideal for long or backpacking because of its conservation through salt, acidity, and also drying.