I’ve been nagging you all for her questions, yet now the is time to ultimately sit down and discuss the InStyler Rotating Iron with you. I have actually mixed feelings around this. Ns tried to provide it my many honest and straight front review, and also did a most testing. This is walk to be a long review, so bare through me. It’s every for friend guys! because that those of you who space not every that acquainted with the InStyler, girlfriend can inspect out their official page here: www.getinstyler.com.

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The InStyler is composed of 2 main components– the bristle brush side and also the rotating cylinder side. Once you clamp the InStyler under on a section of hair, the cylinder rotates and the bristles brush her hair as you move the styler under the length of each section. Just the cylinder moves. Over there are lots of videos on Youtube that the InStyler in action on their Youtube Channelas well as the main InStyler site.

First, I’ll just tell you a bit around my hair therefore you gain the feeling of whereby I’m coming from v my review. I have fine hair, however tons that it. It has actually a propensity to acquire bulky and huge as it grows. It has been a couple of months since my last hair cut. Mine hair tends to it is in wavy. I deserve to usually get a pretty an excellent straightened look v a blow dryer, ring brush, and comb. Putting an ext volume into my hair is no an worry for me. Generally I to be trying come tame my hair quite than offer it more life.


This is what mine hair looks favor after punch drying, yet without straightening. See? no a lot walking on that requirements fixing. Btw correct I’m put on a shirt.

Now that you understand what type of hair ns have and what my issues are, right here is what the InStyler claims to do:

* use less warmth on your hair (less damaging).* “Polish” the hair leaving that shiny and soft.* work on wet or dry hair.* Straighten and smooth hair there is no removing body, add body come flat, limp hair w/ the appropriate technique, curl or straighten hair depending upon technique.* reduced down styling time.

I offered the InStyler in 3 trials. Very first I offered it by chin after punch drying. Ns played with doing flips, curls, and also straightening. Then i tried the damp to dry method. Then i pitted the right against my GHD straightening stole (considered by numerous to it is in the peak of the line flat iron top top the market)– i did one next of mine hair v the InStyler and also the other side through the GHD.

So how does it stack up versus its claims?

The InStyler cases that you usage less warmth on your hair due to the fact that of your rotating stole design, and thus that doesn’t damage your hair. Newsflash:any kind of heat styling will cause damage to her hair.One of their small infomercial clips even has someone saying “so that’s favor no damage” and also they’re like “yes, yes!”. No. Lies. Anyway, there space 3 warm settings. You deserve to use the lowest heat setting, however I found that also on mine fine hair I had actually to pass the styler over number of times, which sort of loss the purpose, no?
This one type of has me lol’ing. Come me, mine hair constantly looks shinier after ns straighten it because you deserve to simply view the shine better on a level (straight) surface. Come prove this point when i did one side of mine head through the GHD and also one side with the InStyler, I saw no difference. Both sides to be equally shining and practically equally soft (I’m actually going come say i think the side ns did with the GHD to be a tiny little softer). Mr. Boyfriend’s an initial impression was that the GHD side was shinier, yet he wasn’t yes, really sure and also said the difference was so ethereal that he wasn’t even sure if the was simply the lighting.

Damp to DryI am a huge skeptic of any type of iron that says you have the right to use that on wet hair. Once I acquired my first straightener the point my stylist friend stressed to me the many is “don’t flat iron wet hair”. However I decided to take it one because that the team and heavy steam iron mine hair for you every to see exactly how this damp to dry method works. Or rather, doesn’t. I let mine hair waiting dry till it was just damp. Exactly as the direction say. I detangled it, and also then went to work-related straightening it. What i noticed was even though ns did as they stated on the direction (highest proper heat setting, moving slowly through tiny sections), the hair was still wet after number of pass-throughs through the InStyler, and it was retaining the heat and felt terrible– frizzy, fly aways, etc. If your hair doesn’t take care of humidity well (like mine), this is literally like torture for it. Also I couldn’t take it any an ext and ns just provided up. Therefore basically, if you decision to obtain an InStyler, don’t carry out this.Styling and VolumizingTo put it simply, yes, these claims are totally true. It is entirely possible to straighten your hair with this tool without removing the body from your hair. The is likewise totally straightforward to include volume to her limp, flat, lifeless hair with this tool, too. However I really don’t think that is any kind of easier than just using a flat iron. In fact, here’s a great tutorial top top Youtube explaining how to obtain volume through a flat iron and a round brush. And also here is an additional tutorial on just how to get volume with just a level iron. Girlfriend can likewise make her hair watch limp, flat, and also lifeless v the InStyler. You can curl your hair through a flat iron, too.Basically what I’m getting at here is this is an ext about method than that is which hot tool girlfriend use. I will say though the the InStyler is really easy come use!

Cuts under on Styling TimeDepending on how difficult your hair is to style, this may aid you. I mean if the damp to dry function worked the way it states it would certainly on mine hair that would definitely cut under my styling time, however instead I will certainly stick to my trusty T3 dryer (or mine Conair Infiniti! guess it counts on if ns feel choose pink or orange…). Best to leaving the dry to the dryers. Let a styler be a styler. Seriously. I went out and also bought an argan oil treatment because my hair felt so gross after the experience. For me, the InStyler doesn’t yes, really work any faster 보다 my GHD. Not saying that either one takes much time (I don’t have an extremely long hair anyway). The whole procedure of law both political parties of mine head, convert to the GHD after i did the InStyler side, etc. Took around 30 minutes.

More reader QuestionsDoes it pull your hair? No. Ns was pleasantly surprised because you kinda think it would by looking at it, right? No pulling/snagging in ~ all. Friend do need to detangle your hair prior to using, and I made sure to perform that.How lengthy does it take it to perform your hair? My whole head takes around 20-30 minutes.Does it cause frizz? Only when I offered the damp to dried method. *shudder*Does it make noise? Yes, but not a lot. It’s a lot quieter 보다 a blow dryer, and also definitely quieter than any electric razor I’ve ever used.


After – next 1

After – side 2
Can you tell the difference between Side 1 and Side 2? i beg your pardon is which? girlfriend tell me!

Alright perform YOU need THIS?Maybe. IF you have curly hair, the bristles in the InStyler may really reduced down a most your straightening time. In the countless videos ns watched, the people who seemed to have actually the best results with this straightener are those v curly hair. The design of the InStyler seems to be many suited to that hair type.

My hair is not hard to straighten or format at all since it’s just wavy, and also really doesn’t tangle in ~ all. Ever. It’s freakishly untangled. If girlfriend aren’t worried about straightening/curling and also just still in search of that magical product that is walking to provide you major volume and body, skip it. Friend can attain the same results with the tools you probably currently have.

If girlfriend don’t have actually a flat iron already, it will certainly be funny for you come play with. What I’m really thinking about right now though is cost. The InStyler will run you around $100 before tax(and don’t go running to ebay, there are tons of FAKES out there, beware!). Girlfriend can obtain a pretty darn an excellent flat iron because that about fifty percent that in ~ your regional beauty supply.

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I’m not saying this is a negative product, it simply may not be necessary relying on your needs. If you’re serious hair challenged, it can be worth it because that you together the InStyler does make it quite idiot-proof! ;)

If girlfriend answered “yes, I desire that!” after reading the over paragraph, I’ve got an excellent news for you! One lucky reader is walk to get a complimentary InStyler Rotating Iron! While ns am not particular this tool is for everyone, I perform think it has actually some an excellent things to offer, and it’s free, for this reason why not offer it a shot? I would certainly really love because that the winner to evaluation the InStyler, too. Part the what provides the beauty human being so funny is how various people’s experiences through the exact same product are. So you re welcome only go into this giveaway if you’re willing to send me a fast review when you’ve obtained a possibility to play v it. :)

To enter, post a discuss the blog! Tell me your name, your email, and a little about your hair or why you want to shot the InStyler.

One (1) winner will certainly be chosen on Saturday august 28th, therefore you have to obtain your entries in prior to then. Us entries only, please!
If friend don’t success a totally free InStyler and you would like to buy one, I recognize Walgreens has them and they room the really InStyler, so shot there!