TO kill A MOCKINGBIRDCharacters by ChapterEDITOR:Christina Hale
Part 1
1JeremyAtticus FinchScout"s brother. Aka: Jem.

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Jean LouiseFinchNarrator. Protagonist. Aka: miss out on Scout, miss out on Priss.
CharlesBaker HarrisScout and Jem"s best friend. Aka: Dill.
ArthurA male Jem and Scout are obsessed with. Aka: Boo Radley.
AndrewJacksonThe general.
SimonFinchThe fur-trapping apothecary. One ancestor the the Finch family.
AtticusFinchJem"s father.
AlexandraFinch HancockAtticus"s sister.
John HaleFinchAtticus"s young brother. Aka: Jack.
CalpurniaThe cook of the Finches.
Henry L.DuboseAtticus"s neighbor.
Mrs.DuboseHenry"s wife.
RachelHaverfordAtticus"s next door neighbor. Dill"s aunt. Aka: Aunt Rachel.
CrazyAddieCulprit that the dead pets in Maycomb.
The Radley place - A an enig house.
Mr.RadleyOwner of The Radley Place. Boo"s father.
Mrs.RadleyMr. Radley"s wife. Boo"s mother.
Mr.ConnerMaycomb"s old beadle.
StephanieCrawfordA woman Jem received details from about Boo.
Dr.ReynoldsMaycomb doctor.
NathanBradleyNew owner that The Radley Place. Boo"s brother.
2CarolineFisherScout"s teacher.
WalterCunninghamScout"s classmate. Scout and also Jem"s friend.
Mr.CunninghamWalter"s father. Atticus"s former client.
3Little ChuckLittleScout"s classmate. A gentleman.
BurrisEwellA rude young in Scout"s school.
BobEwellBurris"s father. Hates black people. Aka: Robert Lee Ewell.
4CecilJacobsAvoiding The Radley Place.
MaudieAtkinskonOwns a cow. Jem and Scout"s friend.
5Dr. FrankBufordMaudie"s father.
JoeWheelerA brigadier. Dill"s grandfather.
6DickAveryJem and also Scout"s overlapping neighbor.
8EulaMayMaycomb"s top telephone operator.
9JohnTaylorMaycomb"s judge. Atticus"s friend.
TomRobinsonThe negro man Atticus was depending on.
IkeFinchAtticus"s cousin. Maycomb"s sole surviving confederate veteran.
JimmyHancockAlexandra"s husband.
HenryHancockAlexandra and also Jimmy"s son.
FrancisHancockHenry"s son. Alexandra"s grandson.
RoseAylmerJack"s cat.
10HarryJohnsonDriver that the mobile bus. Jem and Scout"s neighbor.
TimJohnsonA liver-colored, large dog own by Harry.
HeckTateCounty sheriff.
ZeeboCalpunia"s son. Garbage collector.
11JessieMrs. Dubose"s nurse.
LinkDeasTom"s employer.
Part 2
12LulaA woman at the very first Purchase Church.
AnnetteReevesA woman who owns residence where Missionary society meets.
JimHardyA church member who was lacking for 5 days.
HelenRobinsonTom"s wife.
13SamMerrieweatherThe self-destruction girl.
William WyattBibbGovernor.
LilyBrookeScout and Jem"s cousin.
JoshuaSt. ClairJem and also Scout"s cousin.
14SamLevyA ar of the Finches. Good man.
BraxtonUnderwoodThe sole owner the Maycomb"s tribune.
16DolphusRaymondRich guy with a black mistress.
XBillupsFunny man. Jem and Scout"s acquaintance.
17Mr.GilmerSolicitor of the Ewells.
Mayella VioletEwellBob"s daughter. The rape victim.
22MaxwellGreenDefense solicitor.
24GrimesEverrettMissionary. Alexandra"s friend.
GraceMerrieweatherA neighborhood of the Finches. Religious woman.
Mrs.PerkinsChurch lady.
Mrs.GatesScout and also Jem"s teacher.
27RuthJonesThe welfare woman.
TuttiBarberFrutti"s sister. Rumored to it is in a Republican. Aka: Sarah.
FruttiBarberTutti"s sister. Rumored to be a Republican. Aka: Frances.
Mrs.CrenshawThe local seamstress.
28AndrewJacksonGeneral who dealt with in Alabama throughout the war.

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ColonelMaycombThe do not be afraid soldier.
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