Dragon round AF: The DBGT Sequel that Was way Too Wild come Exist, defined Dragon round AF is the Dragon round GT sequel the is means too wild to exist. Here"s every you have to know about it.

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If you flourished up in the era that GameFAQs forums, the Anime internet Turnpike and Gaia Online, climate you more than likely heard that Dragon ball AF, that sequel to Dragon round Z and Dragon ball GT the totally existed however just hadn"t been carried over to America yet. Anyone falling because that the rumor the Dragon sphere AF was genuine should have actually noticed the unique lack the Japanese screenshots, reviews, or forum comments. There to be no proof Dragon sphere AF existed other than vague episode guides and the iconic supervisor Saiyan 5 fan-art.

Nowadays, anyone knows Dragon ball AF doesn"t exist. However why did people want it to exist? What plot points and vital events occurred in the rumored series to draw human being in? And, much more importantly, walk Dragon sphere Super ever attract from this wild ideas? To uncover out, we need to dig into every pre-teen Dragon round Z fan"s internet history folder and look in ~ the resources for the rumors they spread.

Dragon ball AF doesn"t have one singular plot. As an web urban legend, every new fan that contributes come the lore surrounding Dragon ball AF will include their very own two cents to the story. While there"s a most fan-art for the would-be sequel, an really plot for Dragon round AF wouldn"t pertained to exist until the two large Dragon sphere AF fan-comics were written.

The plot of Toyble"s Dragon round AF is that Goku"s seed is steal by a woman Kaioshin, i beg your pardon she uses to impregnate herself and create Goku"s illegitimate son, officially named Zaiko yet going through the name Xicor. Xicor is superior in strength to both super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and also Super Saiyan 4 Gohan, which leaves only Goku, now seeking the power of supervisor Saiyan 5, to find the stamin within the to defeat this half-Kaioshin/half-Saiyan adversary. Ironically, Xicor and also his angry Kaioshin mom bare a couple of resemblances to son ogong Black and also Zamasu in Dragon sphere Super.

Then there"s YoungJiji"s Dragon sphere AF, which has actually been running due to the fact that 2011, consisting of a staggering 19 volumes. In this story, Dragon ball AF can be broken down right into multiple arcs. First, Frieza"s child Ize mirrors up. Then, 2 demons, Chiyoko and also Marble, arise from Hell come wreak havoc in the results of Dabura"s death. The demon"s actions result in the Dragon Balls, sealed up following GT, come descend to Earth, creating new Shadow Dragons. Finally, a brand-new enemy named Spoitz reflects up. This in many ways sounds remarkably similar to what Dragon ball Xenoverse and at sight Dragon sphere Heroes would certainly do, with absurd brand-new iterations of developed races and characters arriving to wreak havoc.

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Characters returning to Prominence

Still, Dragon round AF for years didn"t have a plot. Rather, the series existed largely as fan-art of personalities looking cooler 보다 ever. Ergo, when evaluating what Dragon ball AF might have been, it"s crucial to watch what character fan-art exists and if these ideas look cool. YoungJiji"s Dragon round AF presented Shadow dragons or Demons -- underutilized antagonists that the pan would prefer to see much more of.

Another aspect of Dragon sphere AF that part fans were passionate to view was the increase of side personalities in influential roles, favor Tien, Gohan, Uub, Goten and Trunks. A the majority of fan-art functions Pan either grown-up or taking a much more active role in the narrative. Part art illustrated Pan as a young teen, while others illustrated her together a young woman. Offered the ending of Dragon ball GT, v the personalities resolving to do the people safe there is no relying top top the Dragon Balls, this renders the most sense. It"s less logical to view Goku together a at sight Saiyan 5 in a post-GT world, provided how GT ends.

One of the many widely spread pieces the Dragon sphere AF fan-art reflects King Vegeta returning. It"s unsure if it"s simply Vegeta agree his function as King that the Saiyans or if it"s the resurrected King of planet Vegeta. Both alternatives make little sense, however King Vegeta"s resurrection seems specifically pointless. King Vegeta is far too weak to stand up versus AF"s cast. The only value would certainly be to see exactly how the King reaction to modern Saiyan life, which, if amusing, would only retread plot points introduced in the Saiyan Saga as soon as Raditz discovered Goku trained on Earth.

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The most memorable aspect of Dragon round AF is the transformations. After ~ the now-iconic piece of fan-art special Super Saiyan 5, everyone began adding new transformations to created characters: Gohan as a supervisor Saiyan 4, Pan as a super Saiyan, son ogong achieving super Saiyan 5, 6 and also 10.

Established personalities taking on brand-new forms is nice logical, specifically Pan"s transformations. One underrated new form is Uub"s new transformation. Young Jiji"s iteration of Uub becomes supervisor Uub, a more Majin Buu-esque kind following his blend with Majin Buu during Dragon sphere GT.

While it"s tough to talk about the marble-furred at sight Saiyan 10 in any type of coherent fashion, it continues the trend of super Saiyan 4 by making advanced Super Saiyan transformations significantly ape-like. However, super Saiyan 5 has taken ~ above a life of its own. The fan-art, featuring Super Saiyan 4"s red body fur transforming pewter, supervisor Saiyan 3-length hair and darkened skin, is distinct.

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Unlike super Saiyan God, super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct creates from Dragon ball Super, supervisor Saiyan 5 look at absurd -- and also that"s great. Dragon round Super trailed back the bizarre nature of Dragon ball GT"s supervisor Saiyan 4 with its brand-new forms. AF"s absurd transformations, however, fit v where the Dragon Ball saga to be going at the time. In an ideal world, supervisor Saiyan 5 should uncover some love. For now, it"s simply too insane to be real.