In reading the wiki for trying to gain rainbow dragons i am seeing human being talk about an emerald dragon. I deserve to not yet find any other information on this dragon. Is that real and if so what are it"s elements and also breeding times?



According to the Wiki:

The Emerald Dragon can be bred by choosing a decision Dragon to mate with a Lichen Dragon at the breeding Cave/Epic breeding Island.

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This wouldn"t it is in the very first time they"ve made a dragon only breedable by a solitary pairing (the Sakura dragon supplied to be), therefore I"d stick through that combo until more pairings are confirmed.

Interestingly, Emerald dragon can"t it is in bred with eachother:

The Emerald Dragon cannot be bred with any other dragon, including breeding with an additional Emerald Dragon.

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answered may 18 "12 in ~ 15:45

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Yes, that is real, and I got mine by breeding a Crystal and also a Lichen. Dont use a Lichen, climate a Crystal, other wise, u will certainly never obtain it. For me, I got mine top top the 3rd try, so ns think is is easy. Also, if u use the epic reproduction island, it provides u a 25% better chance of u gaining one. (Sry bout the u"s, i m utilizing my phone)

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answered may 20 "12 at 11:15

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