Driving from san Diego come Phoenix will certainly take girlfriend on a distinctive drive throughout Southwest United says passing v forests, mountains, significant cities, and also seemingly limitless deserts.

You could certainly fly from mountain Diego come Phoenix, yet if you"re trying to find a journey wherein you"ll view it all, this is the road trip for you.

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The 355-mile drive will take you about 5 hours and also 30 minutes. It"s feasible to perform it in one go, however taking the more scenic route and splitting it right into 2 or 3 job will permit you to evaluate the parks, forests, and also cities you"re walking by anyway.

If this sounds favor a trip you want to take, below is every little thing you have to know, and also some places and sights girlfriend don"t desire to miss.

How much is Phoenix from mountain Diego and how lengthy will the road pilgrimage take?

All points considered, the journey from mountain Diego come Phoenix isn"t a specifically long one, the shortest course being 355 miles. This path will take it you approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes adhering to the I-8.

RouteDistanceDriving Time
Fastest route (via I-8)355 miles5 hours 30 minutes
Scenic course (via I-10)420 miles6 hours 30 minutes

This is without accountancy for any pit stop you might need to make, therefore you"ll must tack on an hour or 2 for those.

Also save in mind that depending on when friend leave san Diego, you could experience some traffic delays.

Heading out during rush hour will sluggish you down considerably, as will certainly leaving ~ above a Friday or Saturday and contending v other chauffeurs leaving for the weekend.

If, however, you"d like to take it the much much more scenic 420-mile route, you"ll only require to include an extra hour to her route.

You could still execute this course in a day, yet you"d be absent out ~ above so many of the amazing sights you"re walking to it is in passing.

And anyway, what"s the allude of acquisition the scenic route if girlfriend don"t prevent to watch at all the scenery?

Best road trip Route from mountain Diego to Phoenix

The fastest way to gain from san Diego come Phoenix is by the I-8, which will certainly take you appropriate along the US/Mexico border. By acquisition this route, you"d still have the chance to protect against at part state parks, favor the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

The much longer route, however, provides you many more opportunities for enduring both city life and sightseeing. This one will certainly take you north towards Los Angeles top top the I-15, previous several parks and also forests prior to heading east through the desert towards Phoenix.

Road expedition route from mountain Diego to Phoenix

If you need to get to Phoenix quickly, head the end of san Diego via the I-8, following this highway the remainder of the means through California and also Arizona till you reach leave 115.

Take exit 115 onto AZ- 85 till you with the I-10. Cave a right and also follow the I-10 the rest of the means into Phoenix.

If you"ve made decision you"d choose to take it the scenic route, leaving mountain Diego heading north on the I-15.

Continuing follow me this highway until you reach the I-215, adhering to that road until you hit exit 29. Take it a appropriate to obtain onto CA-60, merger onto the I-10 once you with it. Indigenous here, you"ll follow the I-10 the remainder of the means to Phoenix.

Best areas to stop between San Diego and also Phoenix

If you"re looking to break up the long drive and also relax on your road trip, here are a couple of good options for spending the night on friend way.

Explore Temecula

If you"re a alcohol connoisseur, you"re going come love Temecula. This city is a popular destination for tourists and is also well-known because that its surrounding vineyards.

Explore the Kofa national Wildlife Refuge and also see some bighorn sheeps.

Best time to walk on a road pilgrimage from san Diego to Phoenix

Since a great chunk of her drive will be through the desert, you should know that southern California and Arizona summers have tendency to be really hot and also dry.

Temperatures in Phoenix can really quickly with well above 100 °F during the summer months. Girlfriend can definitely take this pilgrimage in the summer (I"ve excellent the reverse of this journey in august once), however you"ll want to make certain you"re remaining hydrated and also bring many of water v you.

Another point to consider around Phoenix in the summer is that numerous of the city"s attractions will store you the end - exploring the Sonoran desert, visiting the city"s botanical gardens, and also visiting Papago Park will keep you exterior in the heat so be mindful of that.

If you"re searching for some milder weather, heading the end to Phoenix in between November and also April will certainly be your ideal bet. The desert flower bloom in spring and the weather is gentle making that a many nicer to hike and also explore the outdoors. Plus, if you go in April you can get the chance to examine out the Coachella Music and Arts Festival before you reach Phoenix.

Keep in mind, though, the the weather throughout the spring deserve to be rather unpredictable. Even though you"re driving through the desert, you deserve to get captured in a rainstorm and the temperatures can fluctuate a lot.

Winters in Phoenix will carry you temperatures about the mid 60s, far more comfortable 보다 summer temperatures. Be aware, however, the winter is top tourist season in Phoenix. When the remainder of the United claims experiences rainfall, snow and also chilly weather, snowbirds will be heading under to Phoenix to gain the warmth.

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Just to repeat you again, no matter what time of year you decision to go, make sure that you carry a lot of water and that your car"s air conditioning is functioning well. San Diego may have perfect warm weather all year round however the Sonoran desert can get mighty hot.