Not every damaged Texas regulation leaves you with the require for a bail bond. However, at first Call Bail Bonds, we are devoted to giving the city the Dallas honest information around the bail bond procedure and Texas laws. 

While most world know the basic laws, here are 8 Texas regulations that can sneak increase on you and also leave you in some hot water…even if the crime appears ridiculous.

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Marriage by Proxy

Did you understand that you could legally acquire married there is no even arriving to the wedding? return this is true there room some significant requirements imposed by the courts for this to happen. Because that example, if you space in the military and away from home, you deserve to legally send who in your location to obtain married because that you. Sure, there’s numerous documentation involved, however it’s possible!

Marriage by Announcement!

Yet an additional marriage law that many Dallas citizens don’t recognize about, is the reality that you have the right to legally be considered married without even making it come the altar. By just announcing that you space husband and wife in public 3 times, you could be a married pair in the eyes of the law.

Ask Permission before Eating A Neighbor’s Garbage

Although dumpster diving is a somewhat well-known trend v the eco-conscious this days, there is a law that divers need to pay fist to prior to digging in. You might wind up in need of a Dallas bail bondsman if you proceed to eat a neighbor’s rubbish without their permission. Don’t assume that their trash is up because that grabs!

Don’t Leave tricks in the Ignition

You can get a hefty fine and a class C misdemeanor if you leave your auto alone through the keys in the ignition. Not only might this develop confusion among other drivers and also pedestrians, however you are putting your an individual property at significant risk for theft.

Don’t open up Your Door While operating a Vehicle

Ever open up your door and toss her leftover coffee or water the end while stopped? Well, if so, you’ve unknowingly damaged the law! it is right, drivers who open up their door whilst operating a car on a windy street space liable for a fine native the authorities. Although it’s just $150.00, it’s still enough to do you regret not waiting for a continual trash can.

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You Can’t combine Surcharges

If you’ve come to be a traffic ticket collector, you know eventually, you’ll need to pay the piper. Unfortunately, if you arrangement on paying off your surcharges in a lump sum, you will do it be the end of fortune! The legal mechanism requires all fees come be paid separately. It might be inconvenient, but it’s the law!

Committing a Crime? Let 1st Call Bail Bonds know Ahead the Time

Our eighth strange regulation is one that leaves us scratching our heads. If you arrangement on committing a crime, girlfriend must educate the victims within 24-hours. Verbally or written, the the law! depending on the crime, you can still it is in arrested for her actions. 

With the said, if you’ve failed to follow this law and also have been arrested in Dallas, 1st call Bail Bonds will acquire you the end of the clink! contact us today to get the bail procedure started and also take your very first steps in the direction of freedom.