When you purchase certain Electronic Arts (EA) games for the COMPUTER, you do not need to save making use of the disc each time; some game tricks can be registered to Origin, Electronic Arts" digital circulation service. In enhancement to infinite downlots of that game, Origin also allows you chat through friends while in-game, keeps your game up-to-date and stores all of your registered games in one convenient place. You deserve to register a game either with the Origin client or the website.

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Origin Website

Log in to your Origin account and go into your account settings (check out Resources).

Click the "Redeem Product Code" tab on the sidebar. This transforms to the product redemption tab, featuring a box to enter the code and some suggestions around wbelow to discover it.

Go into your product vital and also click "Next off." If it"s a valid code, you"ll be able to confirm your EA game registration. If the code doesn"t work-related, a red banner informs you it"s invalid.

Origin Client

Open the Origin client and also log in to your account.

Click "Origin" from the menu bar above. This is the initially item on the menu beside "Friends" and also "Help." It opens up a drop-down food selection through a number of options.

Click "Redeem Product Code" to open the code redemption box. It looks precisely the exact same as the code redemption web page on the webwebsite.

Go into the essential from your game manual or box in the field gave, clicking "Next" to continue. If the code works, you"ll be able to confirm and also install instantly.

Right-click your newly-registered game and select "View Game Details." This screens indevelopment around your game, including the product key in instance you should see it again in the future.


If you don"t have actually an Origin account, you can create one while redeeming your code on the website (check out Resources).

You can only register "The Sims 3" through its official website (watch Resources). If you enrespond to trouble registering "Bulletstorm," you will certainly must stop to an Origin customer organization agent.

You can only redeem COMPUTER game codes to Origin; the organization does not support consingle games.

Under the Origin food selection, clicking "Go Offline" lets you show up offline to friends. You have the right to additionally keep playing your game if you lose Net while playing; Origin just calls for an Internet connection to register, or redeem, a code.


Don"t try to redeem a code that someone else has actually already redeemed; the code won"t job-related twice.

You cannot register "The Sims" (2000), "Battlefield Vietnam," "Battlefield 1942" or equivalent older games to Origin as of November 2014.

Once you register a game to your account, you can"t ever before rerelocate it; verify that you"re redeeming the code to your own account.

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