INCLUDES dialogue FROM KENNY powers & various other FAVORITE CHARACTERS



“When my ass was 19 year old, I changed the confront of skilled baseball. Everyone wanted a piece of my s#*t. Simply a man with a mind because that victory and an arm choose a f
^%*ing cannon. Yet sometimes when you lug the thunder, you obtain lost in the storm.”– Kenny Powers

“Each monitor is hand-picked through The guy himself. It is right. This is the music that Kenny powers rocks out to as soon as he’s gaining ready in the morning. This is the music Kenny strength listens to in the late hours, when the night terror come and we space all youngsters again.” – Stevie Janowski

Anyone that was wondering when the ultimate mix ice cream of the new millennium would certainly finally display up require wonder no longer: It’s here.

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Or it will be, on April 24 as soon as Fat Possum documents scores huge with the two-disc relax of the Eastbound & under Soundtrack, a repertoire of directly up classics – old and new alike – handpicked through the man, the myth, and also legend in his very own mind Kenny Powers, who drops over-the-top nuggets the wisdom that will certainly be prized as lot as the music top top this high-energy compilation. And that’s speak loads because the soundtrack, which has music and also dialogue indigenous the show’s 3 seasons, features primo jams from peak shelfers like The black Keys, as well $hort, The Stooges, MC5, R.L. Burnside, Kenny Rogers and also Lee Hazlewood. On top of every that, the record’s liner notes room written through Kenny’s own personal boy wonder and also sidekick, Stevie Janowski.

HBO’s raucous comedy Eastbound & Down is the story of the rise and fall (and fall, and also fall…) of previous pitcher Kenny Powers together he navigates life ~ the huge Leagues as a washed up baseball star who hasn’t pertained to grips v the “washed up” part yet. With an insufferable ego, self-destructive behavior and penchant because that profanity, strength (played come perfection through Danny McBride), is regularly unlovable, but constantly entertaining. Native the twisted comedic minds of executive producers will certainly Ferrell, kris Henchy, Adam McKay, Jody Hill and McBride, the show’s popular has developed a loyal and also enthusiastic adhering to that surged end its very first two seasons. Eastbound & Down is earlier for more innings, with the third season at this time airing Sunday nights in ~ 10:00p.m. ET/PT, solely on HBO.

The Eastbound & under Soundtrack will be easily accessible via digital download and also in retail stores, including the HBO Shop (42nd Street & 6th Avenue NY, NY /, because that the said retail price the $14.98.

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The complete Eastbound & under Soundtrack track listing is:

Disc One:

<1> Freddie King <2> do Her Cum <3> The Black keys <4> Strangeloves <5> Brenton timber <6> I market Kias <7> Too short <8> Two hard Rules <9> The Stooges <10> Sucking her Dream’s penis <11> The animals <12> ram Jam <13> Undaunted

Disc Two:

<1> Lil Wyte <2> Los Monstruos <3> Fuck friend Mr. Schaeffer <4> R.L. Burnside <5> Whore with A constant Heart <6> Kenny Rogers <7> Neil, not Toby <8> MC5 <9> Panochas <10> Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra special Nino Moschella <11> son Molesters At lining E. Cheese <12> Lee Hazlewood <13> make A change <14> The Slits <15> huge Ups/The end

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