Fun trumpet songs for beginners to more advanced

On this web page you will discover all kinds of fun trumpet music come play on her beloved horn.Scroll down and also take a an excellent look!

-The Rose-Amanda MacBroom

From the trumpet publication Pax Vobis because that Trompet og Piano/Orgel

Here ns am playing among the song from that book, “The Rose”

Difficulty level 3,5/10

The Rose, by Amanda MacBroom, is a really fun tune to beat on the trumpet. Not only fun yet it’s additionally a very beautiful meolody the you have the right to play top top gigs whereby some an ext soft and also gentle tunes space wanted.

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Click below to examine out the trumpet song book on Sheetmusic plus. It has over 40 gorgeous trumpet solos, really well arranged for trumpet and organ, OR trumpet and piano. The increased is simply one that those 44 beautiful songs. It’s one of the best books you can own if you desire to have fun and gorgeous trumpet solos to perform at gigs…

…or even just for play at home.

I very recommend this book of exorbitant trumpet solos!

-Cry Me A River-

From The Book Jazz, Blues & Latin hits Play-Along

Here ns am playing among the songs from the book, “Cry Me A River”

Difficulty level: 5/10

One of mine favorite publications to play as soon as I desire to have fun!

From The Book Jazz, Blues & Latin hits Play-Along
Click to check out sample pages

This is a book full of funny songs come play ~ above the trumpet.

Difficulty leve is simple to intermediate depending on the song. The play follow me track is superb and very well i ordered it with actual musicians playing. No computer sounds here.

One of mine favorite publications to play once I desire to have actually fun with my trumpet =)

This publication include the following trumpet songs 

Cry Me a River Desafinado (Slightly out Of Tune) Fly Me come the Moon (In various other Words) Guantanamera Hit The roadway Jack I Wish ns Knew exactly how It would Feel To it is in Free Li’l Darlin’ Opus One Perdido Take The ‘A’ Train 

My version of the book is a little older than the current edition found in shop today, so a few of the piece I list in the video clip are different. The bullet list over is the correct songs.

I highly recommend this trumpet playalong book. It important is a the majority of fun playing these songs.

If you room interested in this publication you can click hereto check current pricing at a respectable virtual sheet music store.

-Abblasen Fanfare-

An amazing trumpet fanfare created somewhere in between 1670-1710. Remarkable fun to play ~ above the trumpet!

Here ns am making an effort to play the on my old Getzen piccolo trumpet. I was a little rusty the day, you deserve to here a on slide in in it and also I’m not really happy v the intonation but…

…it’s an excellent to be open and also honest about our plying…both the the great and the bad =)

Difficulty level: 8/10

Trumpet in”D”


Trumpet in D

As you have the right to see the is created “Trumpet in D” down on the page. This way that if you usage a Bb trumpet you have to transpose it increase two totality steps and also play that in the vital of E-major v your Bb trumpet…

…However if you usage a piccolo trumpet tuned in “A” you transpose it up two totality steps plus one fifty percent step, landing on F-Major, making the greatest note a high “F”

That said, of course you can play the in whatever key you feeling like. There is no “baroque police” coming after us if us play the the way we want.

If you carry out not have actually a smaller trumpet and you think that is as well high to transpose then just play it together it is written v your Bb-trumpet….or you could even transpose it down a couple of steps. Every little thing you do, the is a cool item to play therefore make sure you have actually fun v it =)

-Can You feel The Love Tonight-Lion King

From the publication Disney Solos because that Trumpet

Here’s a brief clip the me play “Can you feeling the love tonight”. My girlfriend at the time insisted top top the red light in the background…cheesy as hell, yet whatever =)

Difficulty level: 5 /10

What can I say, that is a cool play follow me book and “Can you feeling the love tonight” is a yes, really fun song to pat on the trumpet!

From the pat along book “Disney Solos because that Trumpet”

A play along publication with fun Disney songs to beat on her trumpet. I choose the huge orchestra arrangement that comes follow me as a backing track. You acquire to play through a big orchestra here.

I likewise like the 12 songs and also I believe this publication could be a source of plasure for you if friend are into Disney songs, or just beautiful song in general.

You have the right to click here to check the price at sheet music plusYou can click here to examine the price on Amazon

The complying with trumpet songs have the right to be found in this boook

I simply Can’t Wait To be King Can you feeling the love tonight  From Walt Disney PicturesColors that The Wind  From “Pocahontas”You’ve obtained A friend In Me  From “Toy Story”The Bells that Notre Dame  From “The Hunchback that Notre Dame”Zero come Hero  From “Hercules”Reflection  From “Mulan”You’ll be In My love (Pop Version)  From “Tarzan”Be our Guest  From “Beauty and also The Beast”Friend choose Me  From “Aladdin”Part of your World  From “The little Mermaid”Under The Sea  From “The tiny Mermaid”

-Oblivion-Astor Piazzolla

From the book 25 Piazzolla Tangos for Trumpet and also Piano

Here I’m play it on mine Eb-trumpet. Don’t worry, the paper music is created for B-flat trumpet so I’m transposing here. Friend don’t need to play the Eb-trumpet. Also, you carry out not need to take the 2nd verse up an octave, like I do in the clip, if girlfriend don’t desire to. That wasn’t written the way I play it in the in the book, I simply wanted to have actually some extra fun with my chops.

Difficlty Level 4,5/10 (if played as written) 9/10 (if acquisition it up an octave)

I simply love this book and I would certainly recommend it to every trumpeter who likes to play fun music. You have the right to learn an ext about it if you click here and also go check it out


Trumpet playing have to be fun!

Even though we together trumpet football player must, and also should, beat a lot practice we must NEVER overlook the music. In reality music is even much more important 보다 exercises that’s why we wanted to begin playing the trumpet in the very first place and also not since we wanted to pat the 2nd exercise indigenous the Herber L. Clare book, every day long. After all; as soon as we perform, we space playing music and also not exercises.

Even though we need to practice on days we would rather just lie down on the sofa and watch TV we need to always try to keep a positive mental mindset when it involves our trumpet playing. One means of act this is to always try to have fun with every little thing we play. No matter how serious and also ambitious our objectives are the fun and also playful attitude should constantly be there.

I once was ~ above a trumpet masterclass in Jakobstad /pietarsaari Finland with trumpet virtuoso metropolitan Agnas. Ns was shocked as soon as he told us that he had never practiced any exercises at all. His philosophy was the every “exercise” you ever before need have the right to be discover in music. Now, I’m no recommending this method to learning and also I think exercises are vital to find out all the basics that trumpet playing, but it is a cool way of looking at it.

Fun trumpet songs and fun music is important

It is an extremely important come play funny trumpet songs, or funny music the you like, every week. This will aid us store the an inspiration high and also get us more connected v the music itself, which need to be our can be fried goal. In enhancement to this, we will discover that our taste in music will start to evolve and change over time. We need to never resist this yet just monitor along and see where the music winds will take us. It’s a journey…

…and funny trumpet songs have to be a huge part of that journey.

I will continue to add an ext and more content to this web page with time therefore be sure to come back and inspect it out. The exact same goes for the remainder of my website. Currently I have a minimal amount that time but I’m functioning to readjust that. My expect is that in the year 2020 I will be free to placed all my power on trumpet playing, music, and my websites. Until then i will try to get much more content out about twice a week.

As always, psychic to keep practicing and also having fun. Leaving a comment in the comment section listed below if you have any kind of questions for me and also I will perform my finest to answer.

-Robert Slotte-

More contents on it’s way, in the meantime girlfriend can Click here  come find an ext fun trumpet song to play

Click right here for an ext trumpet articles


Hi, Robert Slotte here. As a fourth generation trumpet player in my family, I began playing the trumpet once I was 5 years old. So it’s for sure to speak my people pretty much revolves about trumpet playing.

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I produced this site since I desire to re-publishing what I have learned throughout my years, and it is mine sincere hope the you will find some worth in it.

To put it simple:

I’m a male who loves blowing air right into a metal tube, and sometimes… the result is music