uTorrent is a BitTorrent client software with over 150 million users across the globe. It is make to enable peer-to-peer record sharing in between its users, it offers the BitTorrent protocol come transfer records from one peer come another. It consists of peers, seeds, and leaches. Peers and seeds space the uploaders while leaches are the downloaders.

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Error: accessibility is denied, (WriteToDisk)

A the majority of users top top the uTorrent court reported that most versions after ~ the upgrade 3.4.2, give a pass out error as soon as trying come download a torrent. The error states that access to disk has been denied and also that the torrent can not be downloaded. The error could occur when a torrent is in progress.

What causes uTorrent to offer “access is refuse (write come disk)” error?

Before we try and discover a solution, we first have to identify the reason of this problem. Below are the most constant causes.

uTorrent not having administrative privileges: many of the time the error where the torrent says that that can’t compose to decaying is due to the fact that it is not provided administrator privileges. To solve this, all you would have to do is to provide administrator privileges come uTorrent and it will start downloading again.Folder no granted access: In some cases, individuals reported that the folder in i beg your pardon a torrent is gift downloaded is not giving accessibility to uTorrent, it is somehow set to read-only. To deal with these problems you would either have to remove the read-only building of that folder or just produce a new folder and also download her torrents there.An internal pest that stop the download: There are some opportunities that a an insect in the uTorrent is responsible for this behavior. Some users acquired the trouble fixed when they do the efforts resetting the download ar through the uTorrent client.

Not to worry, the adhering to methods will allow you come find and fix the reason of this problem.

Method 1: Granting administrative privileges to uTorrent

In order for an applications to job-related properly top top windows, it should be granted governmental privileges. The exact same is true for uTorrent. In most cases, the “access is denied” error is caused due to the fact that the uTorrent doesn’t have the compelled privileges. To resolve this you could just operation it as an administrator, but then girlfriend would have to run it together administrator every time you start it. Come permanently run it together an administrator, prior to continuing, make sure you have set up your account as an administrator.

Open the Start menu and also search because that uTorrent.Open the paper location the uTorrentOnce it shows up in the search, right-click top top it and also open its paper location by clicking Open paper location. This will certainly take you come the uTorrent’s faster way folder.Right-click ~ above the uTorrent’s shortcut and also again click Open file location.Now once you room in the root brochure of uTorrent, right-click on the uTorrent.exe and also click Properties.Go into the Compatibility tab and also check the Run this regimen as one administrator mite box.Tick the run this regime as an administrator tick-boxAlso, click the “Run this regimen in compatibility setting for” option and select “Service pack 3” native the dropdown.Click Apply and also then click OK. Currently start the client and see if the error is gone or not.

Method 2: Unchecking the read-only property of the download folder

If the very first method didn’t occupational for you, climate the error could be caused due to the truth that the folder in which you are downloading and install your torrent has its Read-only building checked. Girlfriend will have actually to develop a new folder and un-tick its Read-only residential or commercial property to eliminate this error.

To produce a new folder, right-click anywhere and then float the guideline over the New option and also then click Folder.
Create a new FolderOnce the folder is produced rename it to your needs and right-click top top it and then open its nature by clicking Properties.Under the General tab, untick the Read-only (Only uses to papers in the folder).
Untick the Read-only tick-boxNow click on Apply and also then click OK. It might take some seconds to use the changes.Now shot downloading your torrent again and only usage this folder together your download folder because that uTorrent.

Method 3: come reset the download folder indigenous the torrent settings

Now, this an approach is similar to the vault one, there is a pest in the uTorrent the doesn’t permit it to acknowledge the folder in i m sorry it has started downloading, the folder is there however still, it provides the compose error.

Right-click on the torrent that is displaying the error message: access is denied (write come disk).Hover the mouse pointer end Advanced. Now select “Set download location”.
Set the download locationNext, you will need to re-select the same folder the was used before or choose a new folder. Currently click OK.Now right click on the torrent again and select Start. Watch if this addressed the error.
Restart the torrent

Method 4: Redownload Torrent

Sometimes you might need to redownload your torrent indigenous the site you acquired it native in order to rectify this issue. Torrent documents can often contain corrupted or misconfigured data which deserve to lead come this particular issue while trying come download.

by Kevin ArrowsJune 22, 2020
3 minutes read

Kevin ArrowsNetwork engineer (LAN/WAN) |
Kevin is a dynamic and also self-motivated information technology professional, with a Thorough knowledge of all facets pertaining to network facilities design, implementation and administration. Superior record of transferring simultaneous large-scale mission an important projects ~ above time and under budget.

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Fix: uTorrent accessibility is denied

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