Here space 5 feasible reasons why her ex girl friend is asking you questions about your life:

1. She wants to find out if girlfriend are moving on there is no her


When a couple has been in a connection for a while, they usually finish up doing most things together (e.g. Cave out together on weekends, go out to eat together, go to the movie together, sleep in the same bed, clock TV together).

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So, when a rest up happens, their lifestyle also begins to readjust (i.e. Having actually to find brand-new things to do on the weekend, resting alone, the town hall TV alone).

In the very same way, your ex girlfriend might suddenly have found herself with too much alone time on her hands and no-one to share the with.

She might have friends that she goes out with, but friends don’t invest all their spare time together.

As a result, she can be feeling bored without you and also be lacking the comfortable familiarity that you and also her once shared.

To make herself feeling better, she will certainly ask you questions around your life together a method of filling up she alone time through distractions.

If this applies to her case, make certain that you are using the interaction to actively make her feel sexually and romantically attractive to you, rather than simply being friendly come her.

If you are only being friendly as soon as texting her, she i will not ~ feel attracted to friend in a sex-related or romantic way.

Before you know it, the texts will sluggish down or stop and you will discover out the she is dating a new guy.

So, if she is texting you, make certain that you use it to make her feel attracted and drawn come you.

That way, friend can gain her earlier into a genuine relationship, quite than simply being her message friend for a while.

Where some guys go wrong, is by thinking, “Hey, mine ex girl friend is questioning me questions about my life. Maybe she still has actually some feelings for me. If I just hang about her and also be her friend (or message her prefer a great friend), she can eventually change her mind around us being damaged up and we deserve to then get earlier together.”

Yet, if a male isn’t actively creating a spark, a woman typically isn’t feeling it…especially when she has actually dumped him and doesn’t desire to be through him anymore.

This is why you must act like just a friend once talking come her, or text massage her.

You should literally talk to her as though she is a new girl that you’re attracting and picking up.

That’s what works.

By the way…

If her ex is asking questions around your life due to the fact that she’s bored and also wants someone familiar to talk to because that a while, it doesn’t typical that she desires you earlier sexually and romantically.

To do her feel the way, you have actually to actively spark she feelings of respect, sex-related attraction and also romantic love because that you again as soon as you communicate with her (e.g. Via text, e-mail, society media and also especially over the phone and in person).

If you just go through the flow and also pretend to be a nice girlfriend to her without proactively making her feeling respect and sexual attraction because that you again, she will usage you once she feels bored.

However, that won’t avoid her native dating, having actually sex and also falling in love with one more guy if he comes along and sparks she feelings of sexual and romantic attraction.

So, make certain that you’re not making her feel neutral, familiar feelings because that you when communicating with her.

If the communication between you is largely friendly and neutral, over there won’t be a solid enough reason for she to want to get earlier into a romantic partnership with you.

Instead of being neutral and friendly, make sure that girlfriend flirt v her to produce sexual tension in between you and her.

Another feasible reason why her ex is asking you questions about your life is…

4. She’s trying come signal come you the she wants you back

Even if your ex still has actually feelings because that you and wants friend back, she won’t necessarily do it noticeable by speak something like, “Hey, I recognize that we’ve broken up, yet I still care around you and I’d really choose for united state to work-related things out. What carry out you say? space you interested in getting ago together again?”

It would be an excellent if she did to speak that, however she most most likely won’t.

Instead, she will certainly drop subtle hints (i.e. Asking you questions around your life) and wait to view if you have actually the confidence to obtain the relationship earlier together without her help.

She desires to know that you have actually the courage and also confidence to do it occur without her help because she doesn’t want to it is in in a connection with a man that she has actually to lug throughout life.

Women are instinctively attractive to men who continue to be emotionally strong and confident and also go after ~ what they want in life (including one ex that they’re tho in love with), regardless of what anyone rather thinks, states or does.

So, if you want your ex girlfriend back, girlfriend just have to make it happen yourself, otherwise she will start thinking points like, “Oh well… i tried to give him an opening but he’s just not acquisition the bait. Either he’s not interested in me anymore, or he just doesn’t have actually the to trust to get me back. Whatever the case, I’m simply wasting mine time anymore,” and she will then emphasis on relocating on with a brand-new guy.

Don’t permit that take place to you and your girlfriend.

Get she back.


Show her (don’t tell her!) that you are currently confident and emotionally strong enough to pursue what you desire in life, consisting of her, regardless of how difficult or challenging it may seem.

The much more that she experiences your brand-new and boosted confidence and masculinity (via the method you now talk, behave and also interact with her), the an ext her guard will certainly come down.

Another possible reason why her ex is asking you questions around your life is…

5. She wants to view if you’ve changed

Even once a woman division up through a guy, she will often hope that he can adjust the things around himself the turned she off, so they deserve to then get ago together again.

For example: A woman can break up through a guy due to the fact that he’s acquired no arrangement for his future (e.g. No huge goals, no plans to marry her, no large ambitions because that his career, no lengthy term setup to succeed and be for sure in later years).

He’s as well emotionally immature and behaves an ext like a teenager than choose a grown man (e.g. The doesn’t have actually a stable job, he still stays at residence with his parents, the parties too much and also gets drunk often, that doesn’t desire to be responsible around his life).

Yet, in many other methods he’s the perfect man for she (e.g. He’s kind and generous, that treats her v respect, he has actually a good sense that humor, that satisfies she sexually).

After the rest up, she will certainly be thinking something like, “If he deserve to only uncover a good job, set some objectives in his life and also then work towards achieve them, i could absolutely see myself getting ago with him. Unfortunately, I simply don’t view that happening any type of time soon and I can’t afford to waste the finest years of my life wait for a guy to thrive up and also be a man. I require a male now. I require a male who deserve to be a male right away, no a boy who can grow increase one day. I’m just so confused. Ns still care for him, but I additionally know that i can’t continue to be stuck in a dead-end partnership either.”

So, after ~ the break up, she could stay in touch as a way of maintaining tabs top top him.

She will desire to check out if he’s adjusted and if the has, she deserve to then go ahead and get earlier with him.

In the very same way, your ex girlfriend might be asking you questions around your life to see if you’ve adjusted and boosted some the the things that turned her off before.

For example: some of the concerns a woman will certainly have around her ex include…

Is he an ext confident and emotionally elevation now, or is that still needy and also insecure?Is he relocating through the levels of life favor a actual man, or is he grounding in a rut in life, or still behaving favor a teenage boy who won’t prosper up?Does he stand up for himself currently when others (including her) try to press him around, or is he still conveniently picked on?Can he do her feeling feminine and also girly in his existence by being an ext emotionally leading than her, or does that still enable her to overcome him with her i was sure personality?Has he adopted the idea of gift a mrs man, or does that still think that it’s not correct to it is in masculine and right it is in soft and nice all the time?Has he improved his understanding of what ladies really feel attracted to, or is that trying come re-attract his ex with the exact same old method that obtained him dumped in the very first place?Can he make her feel sparks of sexual attraction because that him by gift emotionally masculine around her, or is the still too lot of a neutral man who renders her feel more like his girlfriend or sister?

So, if her ex girl friend is asking questions around your life, it might be because she desires to view if you’ve changed.

You need to show her (via the means you think, talk, behave, connect with her and respond come what she says and also does) the what she hoping because that is currently there.

You really have changed.

You space a brand-new and improved man.

The more she experiences that for herself, the more respect and attraction she will certainly feel because that you and the much more she will want to give the relationship an additional chance.

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