You don"t have to offer your power away. Take it it back and put your power wherever your weakness is. God"s grace will view you through.

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Boasting around our success won"t attract others come Christ or come us. We need to be for sure in our identification in Him and also know we are an important to God through or there is no our achievements.
We never understand when the price or the problem of the prayer us prayed will show up for us. Keep putting prayers right into your prayer reserves.

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Normally, on Wednesdays, I select a topic connected to every little thing I need assist with, uncover 3-4 scriptures pertaining to it, and then do it my meditation because that the day.

I set my alarm because that every hour depending upon what time ns start. Mostly, I perform it top top the hour. Because that instance, once I am thinking greatly (worrying), I pick “trust” together my meditation, find 3-4 scriptures relating come trust, and also on the hour, I review those scriptures and pray for God come teach me to trust Him more.

<Word that Wisdom: nothing ask the to carry out this till you are ready. Not almost ready, however ready-ready.>

Today, I determined to go a various route. Ns asked God, instead, “What would You have actually me meditate and pray ~ above today, Lord?”

He said, “Focus.”

Word of the Day

So, ns stuck my finger in the Bible and it opened up to Exodus 24-25. Unequal the other times where God would confirm what he told me, i didn’t see the word focus anywhere. But, this verse captured my eye:

“Then Moses gone into the cloud together he walk on up the mountain.And he stayed there forty days and forty nights.”Exodus 24:18 (NIV)

Revelation: Moses was in the existence of God, together the glory of the mr had settled there. And also for forty days and forty nights, his eyes were focused on God.

Furthermore, in ~ the finish of the forty days, he came down through the Commandments and also his face was radiant (Exodus 34:29-30). The people about him to be afraid come come near.

Team, we have actually a indigenous today.

But first…

Beyond your Curtains

We have the right to look into a home window and watch what is housed behind it. Home windows are also a protection against the elements while simultaneously enabling light in. As soon as the sunlight is specifically hot or bright, choose in the southern states, periodically we put a color on the window to to decrease the heat. As soon as the nighttime comes, we close the blinds because that the benefits of privacy; darkness continues to be on the external unless we choose to venture into it.

What the soul takes in, the spirit takes on. What seeps with the home window can illuminate or darken. If your eyes take it it in, it i do not care a component of you.

And, occasionally what us take in diminishes or destroys ours focus.

What Does our Playbook Say around Focus?

“Why are you under in the dumps, dear soul? Why are you crying the blues? solve my eyes on God – shortly I will be praising again. The puts a laugh on mine face. He’s my God.” (Psalm 42:5)

When our eyes space not concentrated on God, us forget to praise. Us forget that troubles are temporary. Us forget to smile and also to rejoice in the Lord. Our problem become component of our identity. A component of united state becomes bitter, saddened, and also averse come praise.

This does no in any method mean the we ignore what we’re facing. As the speak goes, “Denial is a flow in Egypt.” The river keeps flowing even if it is you look straight at the or revolve your back. Yet what it says is the you being under in the dumps and also crying the blues takes away from your capability to emphasis on God in bespeak to cross the river and get to the other side that it.

“God teach me lessons because that living for this reason I deserve to STAY THE COURSE. Provide me insight so I deserve to do what you tell me – my totality life one long obedient response.” (Psalm 119:33-34)

Let’s think around the flow again.

In stimulate to remain the course, we have to remain focused on God. The minute we look left or right, we start to swim one of two people left or right rather of right ahead toward the goal.

Where her eyes go, you will follow. The more insight or within vision from spiritual eyes we have the much better we’ll check out what God is trying to show and also tell us. I know we hear through our ears, but insight is prefer seeing, hearing, and understanding all at once. It’s once a thing clicks and also you have actually no factor to have construed it except through god’s revelation to you.

“I keep my eyes constantly on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will certainly not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8)

When us swear a solemn oath, we place our best hand top top the Bible. It means that we will stand in truth. When we say someone is our best hand, it means they room our go-to, our ace. If we enter a dangerous situation (like cross a raging river) through Ace, we understand that everything happens they no going to abandon us. It rises our confidence and also gives us the ability to emphasis on our job without worry.

Think around this. Jesus is seated at the best hand that the Father. If the (The Way, The Truth, and also The Life) can be the right hand come THE many HIGH GOD, He can surely be reliable to be yours! Besides, who can you trust much more that someone who’d give His life because that you?

Someone who’s already done so.

Now, ago to Moses…

The Israelites to be afraid to come close to Moses since their eyes were no accustomed come the glory of the Lord. Their days had been spent in the darkness of their false gods. God’s people were used to average. Castle were offered to anyone looking the same and sounding the same. Lock were used to gift afraid that being that God dubbed them come be.

The truth is, sometimes, we’re Moses. And also sometimes, we have surely been the Israelites. Before Christ, right, Team? yet let’s speak as if you were Moses (who was scared at first).

Moses had been in the presence of the Lord and also came down with a gift native God to current to the Israelites. It is why when you branch out and also do the brand-new thing the God has provided you to do, you obtain criticized and also attacked. THE light of the lord SHINING through YOUR home windows is past the worldly comprehension of the Israelites. They can’t even make eye contact with you since they’d it is in blinded. Or, they could be required to watch their very own unwillingness to step into who God has dubbed them come be.

In any kind of case, we should shield our eyes from the affect of the world and also those who favor to execute everything yet focus top top God.

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So, those the pat Call?

It comes directly from Psalm 121:1-2:

“I background my eyes to the hills, wherein does my help come from? My aid comes native the Lord, the an equipment of heaven and earth.”

Remember the power, strength, and guidance the God offers to those who store their eye on the hills – at the mountaintops where the glory that the Lord continued to be with Moses. If we, like Moses, focus on the Lord, He will send friend out with a hope and also a promise that is higher than any type of of your problems combined. And He will provide you the ability to see the systems that He has actually purposed because that you.