As component of mine anniversary contemplations today, I have actually pondered even if it is totake the slashes the end of the name of this weblog — an altering “f/k/a” to “fka.” i haveat timescomplained about a few other that usage punctuation marks and other non-alphabetic signs in your names (this site, ns am happy come say, is currently parentheses-free in the masthead).My deliberations were short, however. Although both f/k/a and also fka have actually / / / . . Been used to denote “formerly well-known as,”I am definitely keeping “f/k/a,”because:it is the preferred and also customary legitimate usage, and the original form of thishandy term(being born in an era era the was far less addicted come acronyms)it was very first chosen by me exactly so the I would certainly stop changing the surname of the websiteit does not cause confusion between us andAustralia’sFree Kindergarten AssociationWhatcinchedthe retention off/k/a, however, was myGoogling ofof the ax “fka”.Among the first couple of results was an organizationknown as The Federation and also Klingon Alliance. Sorry, however Walter Olson is more likely to contact his site ATLA: Arrest castle Lawyers Association, than I to be to re-publishing an acronmyn v the dudes in ~ FKA. (see this post)potluck“tinyredcheck” Donald at every Deliberate Speed and also Mike at Crime & commonwealth havebeen pondering a much more important issue: just how should your careerchoice in ~ the legislation relate to her professed philosophical, religious or political beliefs about serving the “least of your brethren” or creatinga much better society? This is a topic that deserves much more thought and also time 보다 I can provide to the today. I will say, however, (1) that much too countless members that our job on the right and also left— regardless of their purported beliefs and willingness to conveniently condemn the actions of rather — seem to provide no thought at all to the results of their advocacy and their labors; and (2) that is far harder come practice regulation ethically in a profit-driven regulation practice, representing profit-driven clients, than in “public” interest” practices; and also I significantly admire private practice attorneys who control to perform so.

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Ethan Lieb in ~ Prawfsblog asks even if it is a weblogger has moral duties regarded posting about topics the he or she is dealing with in one amicus brief. Also, man Steele at Legal values Forum asks morebroadly about ethical duties of lawyers who write amicus briefs. You editor-provocateur left the complying with question at every weblog:“What around an moral responsibility come tell the customer that amicus briefs have nearly no bang for the buck? lock are largely ignored and an extremely rarely have any impact?”(see, e.g., the current remarks of judge Ginsberg amd O’Connor)Shouldn’t a lawyer make sure a client is fully aware of this reality, evenif the customer initiates the idea of utilizing an amicus brief? What elsedoes providing independent advice, complimentary of self-interest, and putting the client’s understanding first, mean?
The American Antitrust Institute hosted a legislative branch briefing on may 23, 2005, ~ above the ramifications of the two pending telecom mega-mergers,on future competition, with focus on the worries raised by the digital revolution. There have actually been quite a little bit of press coverage: e.g., Washington Times/UPI, Telecom closing Opposition Grows, might 24, 2005; nationwide Journal, “Analyst says Telecom mergers Pose severe Threat to Competition”)from dagosanwindow see —all graysandoneblooming lilac bush leaving her ar —a hugyou’d give afriend

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. . . Indigenous 2003 come 2009, f/k/a <"formerly well-known as"> was the house of "breathless punditry" and "one-breath poetry." that is all right here in our Archives. You"ll find commentary top top lawyers and also legal ethics, politics, culture, & more, to add "real" haiku by over 2 dozen Honored Guest Poets.
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