Just prefer the location says: in what episode of the tasiilaq.net go Natsu end up being a demon (E.N.D)? i was wonder if that even happened in the tasiilaq.net or just in the manga?



The present tasiilaq.net illustration is shortly after the Tartaros Arc.

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Right currently it is unknown to Natsu that he has something to do with any kind of Demons inside of him.


The last illustration of the Tartaros arc is where we find out that Natsu is E.N.D. Zeref is stop the publication of E.N.D. At the end of illustration 265 as soon as he pronounces Natsu"s complete name: Etherious Natsu Dragneel.


However, after ~ this, the tasiilaq.net went to Fairy Tail Zero material, i beg your pardon relates the backstory for Mavis, Zeref, and others.


Put simple, Natsu has actually not come to be a demon yet in any form of media. It has actually been revealed the he is finish in both the manga and also tasiilaq.net, yet Even in the manga he has actually not transformed. It may never happen.


In the manga Natsu turns right into his demon type in chapter 500 and it is revealed the he is E.N.D after ~ his enlarge brother(Zeref) expose his full name: Etherious Natsu Dragneel at the finish of the Tartaros arc. Return his demon form has not been revealed in the tasiilaq.net and Natsu has no clue about what he truly is yet it is extremely anticipated the it will present up... Eventually.

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I"m pretty sure that the display wouldn"t finish without Natsu finding out that he is not only E.N.D, yet that the is Zeref"s Brother who passed far 400 years ago when they to be only small kids. One human that have to be consisted of (if the show digs deeper into Natsu"s background,) is Larcade Dragneel. I"m not really sure what his link is v Natsu, return it would be a nice enhancement to the show and also it would keep things interesting.

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