Depending on genetics and how your body shop fat, it might feel impossible to acquire the curvy bootie you want. If you’re tired of doing squats or put on padded shapewear, a Brazilian butt lift in Montgomery AL might be perfect for your aesthetic goals.

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Brazilian butt lift in Montgomery, AL

Many individuals want a curvier, sexier derrière, however no matter just how much they work out, it seems that your butt stays flat, saggy, small, low, or disproportionate. A Brazilian target lift is a extremely effective, an extremely popular gluteal improvement procedure that has actually boosted the confidence and body love of numerous patients in the Montgomery, AL area.

How a Brazilian butt lift works

A Brazilian target lift is actually a mix of two procedures: liposuction and also fat transfer. The liposuction will eliminate fat from an area that the body wherein you have the right to spare the (usually the hips, abdomen, reduced back, or thighs), to wash it, then transport it to the buttocks, where it will carry out volume and shape for gluteal enhancement. This method that two locations of your body will be improved, which is one of the reasons a BBL is so popular. In addition, because a Brazilian target lift provides your body’s own tissues, over there is no hazard of an allergy reaction.



Reduce or remove loose, overabundance skin.If her main issue is sagging skin ~ above the buttocks, a Brazilian target lift isn’t best for you.Volumize the buttocks if there’s not enough fat ~ above the patient’s body. If you’re very lean, girlfriend simply might not have sufficient “donor fat” to use.

Key benefits of a Brazilian butt lift

Provides a very organic and natural-looking appearance and feelRemoves fat from the donor areaMinimal discomfort and also scarringThickness and also texture of the skin is improvedNo risk of allergy or bad reactionNo implants mean no wound rupturing, implant exposure, or infectionImproves balance and proportion between the upper and also lower bodyBoosted self-confidence and also elevated attractivenessResults last for years

Preparing because that a Brazilian target lift

There are numerous things to do prior to your gluteal enhancement to make your recovery easier. You’ll should arrange because that a ride residence from your procedure, and a girlfriend or household member to aid you for at least 24 hours afterward. You should likewise stock your residence with the item you’ll need throughout recovery. These encompass antibacterial soap for your incisions; easy-to-access healthy and balanced snacks and also easy-to-prepare meals; ice cream packs, and a donut pillow to sit on.


The bulk of Brazilian target lift patients room able to return to work-related within 10 come 14 days; however, there space some essential things to be mindful of about recovery. For most individuals, the hardest component of healing is not being able to sit down correctly or sleep on your earlier for around two weeks. (Bathroom visits room the exception, and a donut pillow can be offered after two weeks.)

It will additionally be around two months before being able come sit the way you supplied to. Throughout recovery, it’s likewise important to take short walks to help with circulation. The best method to heal appropriately from a Brazilian butt lift is to follow the home care instructions that us provide, and to stop doing too much activity too soon.

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Early results will be evident immediately ~ the procedure, yet expect part swelling for approximately two weeks. Final results room typically worked out at 6 months. Load fluctuations may reason the outcome to change, but if you stay at a steady weight, results last because that years.

Candidates because that gluteal enhancement with a Brazilian butt lift

If you’re in the Montgomery, AL area and also you’re considering gluteal enhancement with a Brazilian butt lift, it may be the perfect procedure for your aesthetic goals. People who are the finest candidates room those who:

space unhappy v the size or form of your buttWant a more balanced appearanceHave great skin ton in the hips and buttocksKnow the differences between a BBL and also an augmentation using implantsHave sufficient fat to remove from an additional body partAre willing to monitor recovery accuse carefullyAre non-smokers in overall an excellent healthHave realistic objectives for the procedureUnderstand what a BBL can achieve

Brazilian butt lift in Montgomery, AL at ALPRS

If you’re ready to obtain a shapely bootie, the professionals are simply a couple of steps away. In ~ Alabama Plastic and also Reconstructive Surgery, friend will get personalized care and customized and also cutting-edge treatment plans to deliver optimal results. Ours team is professional and also experienced, but additionally warm and friendly. We look forward to working through you!


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