Taylor Swift released the re-recorded “Fifteen (Taylor’s Version)” together with her re-release the the ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)‘ album in April 2021. The track tells the story the a 15-year-old Taylor attending high school and also making a lifelong friendship with her BFF Abigail Anderson.One can easily conclude the not numerous of the friendships that we form in our college days critical a lifetime. Many of them come to a screeching halt after college or college is done. One has to be really fortunate to sustain such a friendship for a lifetime, a human who knows you in and also out and also knows your entire life story. This is what Taylor Swift and also Abigail Anderson have.

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Taylor Swift specialized a tune to their friendship, titled “Fifteen.” The song sings about forming your friendship when they were in student in the first year year at Hendersonville High, Tennessee. Taylor was a regular teenager attending school throughout this time, looking for love, avoiding trouble, maintaining to herself, and also looking forward to finishing high institution to go after her goals. She was no a multi-million dollar offering superstar in ~ the time. So, Abigail became friends v just an additional quirky and socially azer girl sitting beside her in class. And they have stuck through each other since–through thick and thin.
Young Taylor Swift and also Abigail Anderson (Image: Twitter)
Taylor Swift spoke about the motivation behind “Fifteen” in one interview with iHeartRadio;I created it around the journey the my best friend, Abigail, who, you know, we’re quiet tight. We met in student in the first year year that high institution (…). And also so I wanted to phone call the story of being 15, kind of with the lens that a friendship. And, you see what these two civilization go v together as friends and on their own. It still it s okay me, this song, due to the fact that those were all genuine insecurities of like walking in your freshman year and thinking like, whereby am i going to fit in, in this substantial ocean that people? Like, where my locker? how do i fit in here? you’re like, who am i going to be? that’s a concern that we ask ourselves a lot with the food of life, however I think never an ext than once we’re 15.

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“Fifteen” Lyrics an interpretation and track Review

Verse 1In the an initial verse the the song, Taylor Swift speaks around her an initial day in high school. She nerves room through the roof, being the goofy boy who did not fit with most groups. So, she tries to keep to herself, just spoke when spoken to, and also she already cannot wait for high college to be over.Just like any type of teenager at the age, Taylor Swift is searching for love. Covertly she wishes that a senior boy will wink at her (yes, that was a thing 10 years ago) and also come say hi and say they were looking front to talk to her. Because, you space fifteen…
Chorus…and love is vital part of your life. However you don’t also know what love is. Every you understand is that you gain a companion to it is in goofy with, kiss and make out, sometimes fight, and go come prom, and also win prom king and also queen. This is high institution life in a nutshell, and also Taylor was no expecting any kind of different from her life.In hindsight, Taylor realizes how little they knew around anything in ~ fifteen. Friends, boyfriend, and also prom to be pretty lot the whole ‘life’ because that a high college kid. And also it do not do it be any kind of other way, either.The endings of every chorus transforms throughout the tune to add how life is much much more than what she imagine it come be at 15-years-old. She realizes that there is so much more to life than dating the famous boy in high school, than acquiring over a broken heart or losing a friend.
Taylor Swift and her prom date (Image: Twitter)Verse 2In the second verse that the song, Taylor talks about meeting Abigail Anderson and also instantly hitting the off. This friendship turned right into something beautiful and also enduring for 16 years and also counting.Taylor Swift sings around her boyfriend in high school, who had actually a car and also they take it rides in it. She was at the height of the world. Abigail to be there once she celebrated in ecstacy and also she to be there as soon as those boys broke Taylor’s heart again and also again.
Taylor Swift, the maid that honor, at Abigail’s wedding (Image: Distractify)BridgeIn the bridge of the song, Taylor desire she might have gone back in time and tell her fifteen-year-old self to take it a deep breath and take it every in together it is because the best and the worst space yet come come. What they viewed as ‘life’ to be nothing close to what life in reality is. And also Taylor to explode into worldwide superstardom a few years later, and also life yes, really did happen thereafter.Taylor talks around Abigail, that “gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind” a clear referral to a breakup. However, ‘everything she had’ is rather cryptic, which might entail her dreams. Taylor revealed the this was the first line she created off the song;I started every little thing with the line “Abigail gave whatever she had to a young who readjusted his mind” and wrote whatever else from that point, nearly backwards. I just decided I really want to tell the story about our first year the high school since I feeling in my freshman year, I thrived up more than any year in my life for this reason far.Taylor Swift claimed “Fifteen” to be her piece of advice to any fifteen-year-old the end there. She wants all of them to recognize that there is therefore much much more to life 보다 what wake up in their high college days. If anyone demands to listen it, chin up little soldier, make great friends, and take life at some point at a time. The ideal is however to come!Let united state hear what friend think about the tune in the comment below. Examine out the finish lyrics top top Genius.

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