English nameStefan
Japanese nameソーンバルケ (Sōnbaruke)
ClassSwordmaster / Trueblade *1
TitleLion Blooded

*1: class in Path of Radiance and also Radiant Dawn respectively

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Stefan is among the most professional swordsmen on the continent of Tellius, fighting through the tongue Vague Katti. His skills are formidable once he start battle, however he seldom associates himself through either beorc or laguz. His secluded personality is probably as result of his heritage; the is, ~ all, the product of a lion and a human, marked as a branded.

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In path of Radiance

First seen as soon as observing the Gallian beast tribe’s Lethe and Mordecai, Stefan mirrors interest in those the the beast tribe. He climate decides come tag together with Ike’s troop out of curiosity. Stefan catches Ike’s attention quickly, causing Ike come ask who the secret green-haired male is. Stefan replies by saying that he joined after the fight in the sands. He climate remarks that Ike’s ability with the tongue is unique, yet he hesitates when in battle. Stefan provides to perfect Ike’s method of the sword, and also Ike graciously accepts Stefan’s invitation.

Although his an abilities with the sword belie his true heritage, Stefan is a branded. He reflects his grudge in the direction of the laguz by commenting on exactly how they contact him “parentless” if conversing with Mordecai. Stefan, instead, prefers to dwell through the beorc, since the beorc, at least, don’t deny the fact that castle share the same blood.

In Radiant Dawn

Over time, Stefan isolates himself much more and more, ultimately only speak to those that are comparable to him. Stefan is persuaded by Lethe and Mordecai to assist in the fight versus Ashera, however not prior to they politely remark that they’re happy to see Stefan wasn’t turned into stone. Besides Lethe and also Mordecai, Stefan additionally appears prior to Micaiah, who resembles Stefan in the method that they’re both branded.

Before the last battle, Yune confronts Stefan and also ponders end his mysterious origins. Stefan tells Yune, that is right now using Micaiah’s body together a host, about his origins as a branded and how he to be treated prefer he didn’t exist when around laguz. He climate tells her about the teachings of typical folk: union in between a beorc and also laguz is a crime to the goddess. Yune smirks that she’s never heard of such a thing. Stefan end up laughing manically, come Yune’s surprise. Stefan climate tells her what he finds funny. He exclaims that every one of the abuse, persecution, and isolation happened almost everywhere a lie. He end by questioning what there isn’t come laugh at.

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When the fight with Ashera is over, Stefan gathers those comparable to him and also settles down in their very own tiny village. The same small village would certainly eventually become a great country.