These encompass mouthwatering savory dishes, delectable desserts, part sweet and juicy fruits, flavor-packed herbs, and also even part refreshing (and boozy!) drinks.

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Think you can list them all out? I challenge you to check yourself. Let’s gain started!

36 foodstuffs That start With The Letter M

1. M&M’s

M&M’s are among the most renowned candies in the world. They’re little bits of chocolate coated in liquid shells.

First presented in the 1940s by Forrest Mars and also William Murrie, these colorful treats “melt in your mouth, not in her hand!”

2. Macadamia Nuts

These creamy nuts native to Australia are most typically used v desserts and other sweets. They’re calorie-rich and high in fats… the an excellent kind!

The mild and creamy flavors go well with other ingredients prefer chocolate, coconut, and even lime.

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3. Macaroni

A dry, brief pasta in the form of a slightly curved tube, macaroni is a versatile pasta the goes well through salads and also soups.

Although it originated in Italy, it’s now most popularly provided for the classic American dish, macaroni and also cheese!

4. Macarons

Few sweets room as luxurious and decadent together macarons.

These meringue-based treats recognized for your fluffy “feet” room egg white, icing sugar, white sugar, and also almond.

They additionally come in a variety of different flavors favor vanilla, chocolate, apricot, rose, and also lavender.

5. Macaroons

Not to be perplexed with the French macarons, macaroons are a coconut-flavored dessert usually served as a tiny cake or cookie.

They’re gold brown on the outside and also moist and also chewy on the inside.

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6. Roof Tai

One that the most renowned cocktails in the human being is the roof Tai. It’s a rum-based drink and also consists that white rum, lime juice, orange curacao, and also sugar syrup.

This Polynesian beverage is normally garnished v a lime peel or a part of pineapple.

7. Malt

Malt is a grain grain do from barley that is uncovered in a variety of various foods indigenous desserts to liquors.

It has actually a mild sweet to it the is often compared to caramel, toast, or also coffee.

8. Mandarins

A rich resource of vitamin C, mandarins space citrus fruit that are thought to have actually originated in China.

They’re sweet, juicy, and bursting v flavor and can be provided as an ingredient in many recipes or together a straightforward and healthy and balanced snack.

9. Mango

Mangoes are another fruit well-off in vitamin C and also bursting with flavor.

Nicknamed “the king of the fruits,” the mango is stated to have originated in the foothills that the Himalayas.

They have actually a update flavor the goes well in cakes, desserts, and also even milkshakes!

10. Maple Syrup

A clip at any breakfast table, maple syrup is frequently used on top of pancakes or waffles.

This syrup is extracted from maple trees and was an initial used by indigenous Americans.

Did you understand that a solitary maple tree can create 5 come 15 gallons of sap between late winter and also early spring?

11. Maraschino Cherries

A glamorous garnish, maraschino cherries room juicy and packed v flavor.

You might recall their distinct deep red color, yet they actually start off light and also will slowly darken as they are maintained in brine.

12. Margarita

Another cocktail the is renowned all roughly the world… possibly the many famous! This happy hour favourite is do from tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice.

They even come in various fruity flavors favor strawberry and also mango.

13. Marinara Sauce

Marinara sauce is a tomato-based sauce with tomatoes, garlic, onions, and also a selection of different herbs.

It’s usually consumed as a pasta sauce or as a dive for several Italian-American dishes.

14. Marjoram

An herb through a mild and slightly sweet flavor, marjoram not just goes well with meat like beef or lamb, but it is likewise used as a herbal medicine for coughs and also colds.

15. Marshmallows

One food that all children enjoy is marshmallows! this soft pillowy treats are great to include to desserts prefer cookies and also cakes.

If you have actually a campfire going, marshmallows are a must for when you do those delicious s’mores.

16. Mayonnaise

A condiment you either love or hate, mayo has actually so countless uses.

It’s made of egg yolks and also oil and is supplied as a basic for countless dressings choose tartar sauce, aioli, and also ranch.

Have that in a sandwich or a salad, this condiment is everywhere!

17. Mead

You might have heard of mead as a favourite drink in medieval times.

This alcoholic beverage is made with honey, barley, and also other fruits. It has actually its own distinct flavor and can be comparable to beer or cider.

18. Meatballs

Made through ground meat rolled into balls v a selection of other ingredients and spices, meatballs go well with pasta, soup, or also sandwiches.

They are usually fried, yet baking them is a healthy option, together you won’t need as much oil.

19. Melon

Green ~ above the external and gold and juicy on this inside, melons actually belong to the berry family.

There are several kinds that melons that vary in color and shape consisting of watermelon, cantaloupe, and also honeydew. All are rich in vitamin C!

20. Meringue

A clip in Italian, French, and also Swiss cuisine, meringue is do with only whipped egg whites and sugar.

Although it only is composed of 2 ingredients, it has actually a distinctive sweetness and airy however crunchy structure that deserve to be included to plenty of desserts.

21. Merlot

Merlot is well-known as a kind of red wine the is dry however mild in flavor. The word merlot actually describes the variety of grape the is make with.

22. Minestrone Soup

A classic Italian comfort food, minestrone soup is a tomato-based soup made v vegetables choose tomatoes, onions, carrots, and also celery. The can likewise be added to pasta or rice.

23. Mint

Mint is one more herb the is a staple in any type of kitchen.

It has a sweet, sharp, and also refreshing taste and a distinctive aroma that deserve to be included to meat dishes, desserts, and cocktails.

It’s straightforward to grow, and also many chefs and also home cooks will even have a mint plant in your kitchen.

24. Mirin

An vital condiment in any kind of Japanese kitchen, mirin is rice wine and a close, however less alcoholic, cousin the sake.

It has actually a light yellow color and also its mild sweetness deserve to be included to various other ingredients favor soy sauce.

25. Miso Soup

Another Japanese essential is miso soup. In Japan, this soup is taken into consideration a breakfast staple and also is make from miso dough or fermented soybeans.

Its flavor is salty and tangy. Dark miso soups will usually be more savory, and also lighter colored miso soups will have more sweetness.


26. Molasses

If you’ve ever made oatmeal cookies before, climate you can be acquainted with molasses.

It’s a thick and dark-colored sweetener that offers a moist and also chewy structure to plenty of desserts and also sweets, including cookies.


27. Monterey Jack Cheese

Mild in flavor and slightly sweet, Monterey Jack cheese originated in the united States.

It’s a true American cheese make from cow’s milk, and also it is now also used in Mexican and Spanish cuisines.

28. Moon Cake

A timeless Chinese delicacy, moon cakes space a pastry provided as gifts throughout the mid-autumn festival or Chinese new Year.

It is composed of a special sweet-and-salty pour it until it is full made of red p paste and also a thick crust.

29. Moussaka

Moussaka is a baked food made of vegetables and meat layered in a casserole. Most common in Greek and Turkish cuisine, its main ingredients are eggplant, cheese, and also potatoes.

30. Mousse

A light and airy dessert the comes in a range of different flavors, mousse source in France.

The indigenous mousse literally way ‘foam’ in French. The most common variations that this creamy dessert are chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and strawberry.

31. Mozzarella

Mozzarella is the most usual cheese friend will find in plenty of pizzas due to the fact that it has a mild yet gooey texture, which provides that top cheese stretch!

It’s traditionally made v buffalo’s milk. As well as pizza, this mozzarella additionally goes well with salads and pasta.

32. Muesli

If you’re someone who enjoys a healthy and balanced breakfast, climate you’re probably acquainted with muesli.

It is comparable to oatmeal but is usually served cold. Just like breakfast oats, it have the right to contain milk, nuts, and also fruits.

33. Mulberries

Mulberries are regularly overshadowed through the more famous blackberries, but they room actually bigger and much more fibrous and also have their own distinctive flavor.

One distinct thing around a mulberry tree is that it’s fire-resistant!

34. Mushrooms

There are countless kinds of edible mushrooms including button, portobello, shitake, and also oyster… all wealthy in fiber and also protein.

They have actually a creamy yet earthy flavor and are supplied in many different kinds of cuisine, native Italian come Japanese.

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35. Mussels

Mussels space a unique form of seafood and also are a nearby cousin that clams. They are mildly salty and also have a chewy texture.

Similar to clams, they have the right to be served with pasta or soup. They additionally pair well through ingredients choose tomatoes, cheese, or also curry.

36. Mustard

This golden condiment through a strong and distinctive flavor it s okay its surname from the mustard plant, particularly the seed.

These seeds are ground and also mixed with other ingredients such as water, lemon juice, and also vinegar to make mustard dressing for her burger, warm dog, or salad!