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Ford E350 E250 E150 Fuel Inertia Switch place – In 2001, Ford released part E-150 TRAVATOR (Traveler) because that North American families and also some improvements. In ~ the same time, the auto name readjusted from Econoline to E series. Some renovations were made in 2003. The design of the front grille was changed, Ford’s logo mark to be attached, and a brand-new engine cover, cup holder, the glove box was equipped.

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In march 2007, Ford announced the brand-new E series at the new York Auto Show. The brand-new E-Series vans became a design that each other the supervisor Duty trucks of the 2008 design year. The engine is equipped through the 6.0L diesel turbo in the supervisor Duty E series, and also the newly occurred 6.4L twin-turbo diesel engine was an installed on the at sight Duty F series.


Time needed: 7 minutes.The fuel pump shut-off (inertia) move is a device that stop the fuel pump the the fuel distribution to the engine. If your engine cranks yet does no start, this move may have been activated. Here’s exactly how to find and also reset the switch:On the Ford E-350/E-250/E-150, on diesel-powered vehicles, this switch is located in the front passenger’s footwell, by the absent panel. May you need to remove the lower scuff bowl to access the switch.

Berto says:
After instead of a an alleged defective fuel pump, car didn’t engine didn’t run, client not stated that the vehicle received an influence by te front passenger side that motivated the inertia switch, ~ resetting the switch auto ran perfectly, lesson always check because that heavy effects on the auto or through potholes it might trigger that switch.

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Austin says:
Tracy Buttrum says:
My 06 e250 I readjusted the fuel filter ~ above it reasoning that to be the problem it once I closeup of the door it off it i will not ~ start ago it simply crank well i noticed then ns hook mine ob2 scanner come it and it wouldn’t check out it when generally it would any kind of other time so that’s the trouble I’ll shut that off and then try to restart it it i will not ~ start and then at that time the lb2 scanner will not work

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