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Driving your car on empty can not be the right point to execute.

However before, at times, it may become a requirement in times of emergency.

It is vital to know in advance exactly how many kind of miles your car deserve to cover on a almost empty gas tank.

And it is nice to recognize that you have actually a few more miles to get to a gas station quite than letting your hairs turn gray.

Wondering if your auto will be stuck on the side of the road.

Illustrated above is the lowest number of miles you have left in a vehicle renders once your fuel indicator light comes on. If you want to recognize the averages keep on reading below.

Your car, irparticular of version and also form, is different from others, so your job is to understand your car inside out prior to taking any danger.

Several of the components you need to consider are; the type of car you drive, your car’s age, the size of your fuel tank, the level of website traffic on the road you are traveling, and also other factors.

If you must uncover your make and also design of car quickly, there is a table of contents to the appropriate. 

Table of Contents

How far can you drive on empty by vehicle?Gas Indicator LightKeep Your CoolFrequently Asked Questions

How far have the right to you drive on empty by vehicle?

Below are prevalent automobile types in the United States with the amount of gas staying through the approximate number of miles you can drive.

If you drive with extremely low fuel you can damage your fuel pump. For some vehicles this is a costly replacement.


Chevrolet vehicles average from 2 to 2.5 gallons staying when the fuel light comes on.

The miles staying is from 25 to 84 miles.

ModelGas RemainingMiles Remaining
Cruze2 Gallons55 - 84
EquinoxNot Available50
Impala2 Gallons44 - 62
Malibu2 Gallons50 - 72
SilveradoNot Available25
Traverse2.5 Gallons42 - 60

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Ford vehicles are pretty right forward.

Each has about 1/16 of a tank left when the fuel light comes on.

And all vehicles have 35 to 75 miles staying.

ModelGas RemainingMiles Remaining
Edge1/16 of a Tank35 - 75
Escape1/16 of a Tank35 - 75
Explorer1/16 of a Tank35 - 75
F-1501/16 of a Tank35 - 75
Focus1/16 of a Tank35 - 75
Fusion1/16 of a Tank35 - 75
Mustang1/16 of a Tank35 - 75
Transit1/16 of a Tank35 - 75

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GMC has exceptionally little data around continuing to be miles as soon as your fuel tank is empty.

It would certainly be safe to assume you have actually at leastern 25 miles left through a lot of GMC vehicles.

ModelGas Remaining Miles Remaining
Sierra Denali4 Gallons64 - 90
TerrainNot Available50

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Honda vehicles range from 1.9 to 3.0 gallons remaining in the tank as soon as on empty.

Depending on car size, a Honda auto will certainly have 45 to 70 miles before your automobile requirements more gas.

ModelGas RemainingMiles Remaining
Accord2.6 Gallons70 - 93
Civic1.9 Gallons59 - 80
CR-V2.3 Gallons62 - 78
Odyssey3 Gallons57 - 84
Pilot2.5 Gallons45 - 62

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Hyundai vehicles have actually extremely little data about continuing to be fuel in the tank once on empty.

According to the data I’ve studied about Hyundai vehicles, it shows up they deserve to go about 25 miles prior to Hyundai auto putters out.

ModelGas Remaining Miles Remaining
ElantraNot Available30
Sante FeNot Available40
SonataNot Available40

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Jeep vehicles deserve to go at least 45 miles prior to adding gregarding the tank.

Depfinishing on the version, each has actually 2 to 3 gallons of fuel remaining.

ModelGas Remaining Miles Remaining
Cherokee3 Gallons66 - 93
Grand Cherokee3 Gallons66 - 90
Patriot 2 Gallons46 - 60
Wrangler2.8 Gallons47 - 58

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Kia vehicles are pretty a lot in the same boat as Hyundai.

It would be safe to assume you have roughly 25 miles continuing to be in a Kia before needing a fuel-up.

ModelGas Remaining Miles Remaining
OptimaNot Available30
SorentoNot Available40
SoulNot Available30

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Mazda vehicles aren’t as well-known as they when were however have a solid 2.3 to 2.6 gallons in the tank when your fuel light comes on.

And 67 to 90 miles are left prior to a Mazda is totally dry.

ModelGas Remaining Miles Remaining
32.3 Gallons69 - 94
CX-52.6 Gallons67 - 91

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Nissan vehicles last the longest once your fuel light comes on.

Depfinishing on the version, each has actually 2 to 3 gallons leftover in the tank.

Plus, it must be able to go 60 miles before hitting the gas terminal.

ModelGas RemainingMiles Remaining
Altima3.0 Gallons81 -114
Rogue3.0 Gallons78 - 99
Sentra2.0 Gallons60 - 80
Versa2.6 Gallons80 - 104

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Toyota cars have approximately 1.6 to 4 gallons left in the tank.

Depending on the design, you need to have the ability to go 50 miles before running out of gas.

ModelGas Remaining Miles Remaining
Camry2.6 Gallons65 - 91
Corolla2.0 Gallons60 - 84
Highlander2.9 Gallons58 - 72
Prius1.6 Gallons76 - 81
RAV-42.4 Gallons58 - 74
Sienna3.0 Gallons54 - 75
Tacoma3.0 Gallons63 - 75
Tundra4.0 Gallons60 - 72

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Ram, Subaru, & Volkswagen

A Dodge Ram has 3 gallons staying and should be able to go 60 miles.

This is around the exact same for all other Dodge trucks.

Subura cars have 2.6 gallons remaining and also deserve to go 60 miles prior to they need a refuel.

A Volkswagen Jetta has 1.8 gallons left in the tank and also must be able to go 57 miles.

MakeModelGas RemainingMiles Remaining
Ram15003.0 Gallons63 - 87
SubaruForester2.6 Gallons62 - 83
SubaruOutback2.6 Gallons65 - 85
VolkswagenJetta1.8 Gallons57 - 85

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You don’t desire to make it a habit of running your auto on empty.

Your fuel pump provides the gregarding lubricate it.

When you drive with supra-low fuel in the tank, it could decrease your fuel pump’s longevity.

For some design vehicles, replacing the fuel pump have the right to price a couple of hundred dollars. 

The Negative Effects of Driving on Empty

Disappointment in a time of emergency:

There is a limit to which a auto running on empty can take you in a time of emergency.

Running out of gas at the odd hrs or wrong locations have the right to be problematic. 

Vehicle Accident:

Running out of gas have the right to cause a fatal accident in the event your vehicle stops abruptly on a freemeans.

Other vehicles have the right to additionally crash right into your automobile if it happens at night.

Failure to save up through appointments:

You obviously won’t make appointments if your automobile runs out of fuel.

Fuel Pump & Catalytic Converter

Damage to catalytic converterRunning out of gas can cause damages to your catalytic converter resulting in added prices.
Fuel pump damageDebris in the fuel deserve to damages your fuel pump when you drive your car through low amount of fuel in your tank. The fuel in your tank lubricates the pump.

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Gas Indicator Light

The majority of modern-day vehicles come through a gas indicator light on the dash.

The distance to empty gauge provides an approximation of how many kind of miles a auto have the right to take a trip before running out of gas.

Relying on this approximation can be a dangerous practice given that the calculation is based on the average miles.

It would certainly be ideal if you took prewarns right here because your calculation might not be specific.

5 Things To Do if You are Low on FuelDrive 35 – 45 MPH

Vehicles are many reliable at this rate, according to

Nix the Air Conditioning

Vehicles will certainly usage much less fuel through the A/C off.

Kill Accessories

If you are utilizing your stereo or phones are charging, turn them off.

Roll your Windows Up

Roll up your home windows to conserve energy.

This will assist if you need to take a trip long distances.

Keep Your Cool

Over 1 million drivers run out of gas every year.

If you are a small embarrassed, don’t problem about it.

Use your phone GENERAL PRACTITIONERS and find the nearemainder gas terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much deserve to I drive as soon as my fuel light comes on?

It is going to depfinish on the make a model of the car.

Many modern-day vehicles must be able to go 25 miles before running out of gas entirely.

How a lot reserve fuel does a automobile have?

It relies on the make and also version of the auto.

Most vehicles are going to have actually at leastern 1.9 gallons left in the tank.

Modern cars have actually, on average, 2 to 3 gallons of reserve.

Is it poor to drive your automobile as soon as on empty or the fuel light on?

You could damage the fuel pump once you drive through the fuel light on.

The debris at the bottom of the tank could acquire sucked into the pump.

Also, the fuel pump requirements fuel for lubrication.

When you drive through the fuel light on, the fuel pump isn’t entirely covered by fuel and also not lubricated.

Should you wait till my tank is empty to fill up?

No, you shouldn’t.

It is ideal to fill up when you have actually 1/4 of a tank or more of gas.

If you wait to fill up when your gas light comes on, you are perhaps running the pump dry.

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How much does it cost to rearea a fuel pump?

It is going to depfinish on the make and also model of the automobile.

The average cost to rearea a pump is $400 to $600.

If your automobile has a pump access hatch in the trunk, it can expense much less.