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I have actually a 1998 ford ranger and i would choose to understand if anyone deserve to tell me why i have 8 spark plugs. I know it cant be 2 plugs every cylinder. I have actually a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. Please deserve to somone call me why. Is this odd or normal? give thanks to You

Yeah, specifically when some mechanics dont also know it..i when asked for spark plugs and was provided 4, and at the time did not understand that there to be 8...pretty disappointed once i popped the hood lol.
Anyone know why Ford went through that setup? I understand a girlfriend of mine had that on his Ranger, he to be surprised when I told the he needed 8 plugs.
Go wings, go pistons
They were actually designed come spark right after each various other for burning all fuel from the burning chamber.
It help to completely burn the fuel, and also since the flame front start on both sides and also converges in the middle, it"ll burn in half the time that a regular 1-plug chamber. A rapid burn is good.Compare a cross-bow through a link bow, each with the same pull weight. The compound bow will certainly out shoot the cross-bow every time, since it exerts 99% of it"s strength in the an initial three customs or so of the throw. An engine functions the very same way. You want optimal cylinder press to be emerged at about 14-15 degrees BTDC. Also, the much less ignition development you can get while still placing the height pressure at the right spot, the less the piston has to fight the broadening air prior to top dead center, thus making the engine more efficient.

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Great post and explanation there Pinhead! I might not have actually worded it much better myself! glad to hear her input.
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