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""Freak the Mighty"" through Rodman Philbrick offers us the chance to experience what it way to it is in different. We obtain to invest a life-altering year with Max and Kevin, and we room changed.


Have you ever before wondered what it would certainly be choose to have incredible power? In Freak the Mighty through Rodman Philbrick, 2 boys gain strength through joining forces in friendship. Kevin has a mega brain, however he is crippled and also sick. Max is a big, brawny guy who has been made to feeling dumb since he has learning disabilities. With each other they space a force that can not be stopped.

Max speak the story of exactly how he and also Kevin, or Freak as he call him, come with each other to be known as Freak the Mighty. What can have been a story viewed as a tragedy -- through tragic characters, a murder, a kidnapping, and a death-- is rather an suffer that renders us feel an excellent in the end.


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Freak the Mighty


Max and also Kevin both suffer from loneliness and isolation due to the fact that they have actually been ridiculed and also made come feel different at school. Each handles their feelings in various ways.

Max spends a most time in his basement, or ""down under,"" together he describes it. Right here he is able to avoid questions. In ""his space"" the is complimentary to it is in himself.

""I choose it in the under under, obtained the place all to myself and no are afraid of Gram sticking her head in the door and also saying Maxwell dear, what are you doing?""

Max has had a challenging life. Once he was 4 years old he experienced his father kill his mother. After the he resided in his grandparents" basement. As soon as things obtain rough his instinct is to operation away.

""I"ve already decided I"ll run away if they execute that, I"ll go live in the woods somewhere and jump out and also scare people.""

Max"s dad is a really bad guy; in fact, they call him ""Killer Kane."" He provided his abusive, bullying methods to keep Max"s mommy terrified and also under his thumb. Max learns the Kevin"s mother, Gwen, was among his mom"s friends. She speak him, ""I never ever saw much of your mom after they obtained married. The made it … complicated for your mother to have any type of friends.""


Max offers us a description of Freak, and also it is a summary that is matter-of-fact. That is not unkind; Max provides just the facts as he watch them. We can clearly see him, and also we have the right to tell that he is a solid character who isn"t easily pushed around.

""There"s this weird-looking small dude, he"s obtained a normal-sized head, yet the remainder of the is shorter than a yardstick and also kind of twisted in a way that method he can"t wake up straight and also makes his chest puff out, and also he"s waving his crutches around and also yelling in ~ the movers.""

When Gwen firsts sees Max, currently that he is older, she is stunned by the way he looks. Freak tells she she"s being weird. Climate he states to Max, ""What she means is, you"re a spitting image of your old man.""

Max no being reminded that he looks prefer his father, the guy who is in prison for death his mom.

Grim, his grandfather, wonders whether he will certainly act favor his father too.

""It"s much more than simply the way Maxwell resembles him, Grim states that night in the kitchen, the young is like him, we"d much better watch out, you never know what he might do while we"re sleeping.""


When Max and also Kevin join forces, they end up being Freak the Mighty, and they are an exceptional duo. With each other they come to be one powerful person who deserve to take on every comers. Friendship provides them more powerful than they ever before imagined.

""Freak is tho holding chop to mine shoulders and when lock ask him because that his name, the says, "We"re Freak the Mighty, that"s who we are."""

Max"s grandfather understands that what the needs many is a friend. He says that teacher haven"t to be able to fill the void, and also neither have actually he and Gram.

""Let"s offer it a try, nothing else has worked, probably what he requirements is a friend, that"s the one thing he"s never had actually with all those one-of-a-kind teachers.""

Max and also Freak room able to give each various other what is lacking. Max has no difficulty picking Freak up and also carrying him around, and also Freak is able to provide Max the ability to read, something no teacher has actually been may be to aid him achieve.

""I know around that because Freak has been reflecting me exactly how to read a whole book and also for some reason it all renders sense, where before it was simply a bunch that words i didn"t treatment about.""

These Boys room Clever

Max think he is a dummy. The teachers and also the school confirm what that believes, that he is stupid. In the beginning of his friendship through Freak, Max doesn"t desire him to know he has a discovering disability. There is shame.

""This time ns don"t say huh since then I could have to define how I"m an L.D., and also reading publications is the last thing I desire to do.""

Freak is a qualified kid who has actually lots of physics difficulties, yet when he and also Max placed their heads and also bodies together they are clever. They can do anything, and Freak makes Max feel smart; there is pleasure in that transformation.

""I never had actually a mind until Freak came along and also let me loaned his because that a while, and that"s the truth, the totality truth.""

Lesson Summary

In Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, we watch Max and Kevin, or Freak together Max phone call him, allow their friendship to improve their lives. Max feels prefer a dummy, and also Freak is a brainy boy whose damaged body keeps him from gift accepted, however their friendship provides them clever and cures your loneliness.

When Kevin and Max join forces, they become Freak the Mighty. Max helps Freak navigate the physical human being by transporting him, and Freak help Max by to teach him to read and helping him feel more confident. The is a win-win story.