Original owners: Victor M. Johnson, mam Louise, vice-president cost-free Sewing device Co., vice-president and also general manager industrial Potash, stays 615 Garfield Ave. Source: 1922 Rockford City Directory

The same as above plus sec and also treas Groveland farm Sales. 1923 Rockford City Directory

1926: Mr. And also Mrs. Armer Johnson, 615 Garfield, will entertain ~ above the chance of the 25th Anniversary…

1927: Mrs. Armer Johnson, 615 Garfield Ave., winner a ladies golfers’ putting challenge at Harlem Hills country Club……..

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Owner since July 2014 Brent Phillips, house sold at $128,000.

Addresses, Buildings, General, Manufacturer615 Garfield Ave., Armer Johnson, Brent Phillips, totally free Sewing device Co., Groveland farm Sales, Harlem Hills country Club, industrial Potash, Louise Johnson, Victor M. Johnson

Harlem Boulevard, 2335

It to be 1948 prior to the first home was developed in the subdivision in ~ 2335 Harlem built by one of the policemans of complimentary Sewing an equipment Co.

Source: Rockford’s Harlem Park The People and also the Time 790.068 B152r

Addresses, General, Manufacturer, Neighborhoods2335 Harlem Boulevard, totally free Sewing device Co., Harlem Park, Rockford"s Harlem Park The People and also the Time

“Estwing agency plans Post-War growth for plant facilities” 1945


Source: Rockford Morning Star June 17, 1945

Addresses, General, Manufacturer100 pound trimming press, 1945, 2647 8th St., 3000 pound drop hammer, all sales by mail order, Ernest O. Estwing, Estwing Co. Damaged by 1928 tornado, Estwing heat of 32 tools, Estwing manufacturing Co., very first to usage radiant electrical heat, complimentary Sewing machine Co., native Oland Sweden, hammers and hatchets, Kevin Faust, organized in 1922, plans make of erecting brand-new building southern of present plant, safeguarded by 8 different patents, started his manufacturing facility on second Floor that Rockford create Die Co.

War effort Publicity – 1943


Source: Rockford Morning Star Sept. 5, 1943

Airplanes, Business, General, Manufacturer"Stage Door Cafe", Aero Screw Co., plane Standard components Co., Allen ice Cream Co., American cabinet Hardware Co., Anderson Bros. Mfg. Co., B-Z-B web Co., Barber-Colman Co., Barnes Drill Co., Blake Co., Car-Pet-Line Inc., Carter machine Tool Co., central IL Electric and also Gas Co., Cotta transmission Co., Ebaloy Foundries Inc., Eclipse Fuel design Co., Elco Tool and also Screw Co., woodland City Bit and Tool Co., forest City knit Co., Fred C. Olson, cost-free Sewing machine Co., globe Tool and also Molded Products, Goodwillie-Green box Co., Greenlee Bros. Co., Gunite Foundries Corp, Ingersoll Milling maker Co., Ipsen sectors Inc., J. I. Situation Co., McHugh Bros., Mechanics universal Joint Div., nationwide Lock Co., Ny-Lint tool & Mfg. Co., Rehnberg-Jacobson Mfg. Co., Rockford automatically Screw Co., Rockford Brass Works, Rockford Die and also Tool works Inc, Rockford Drilling machine Co., Rockford Mitten and also Hosiery Co., Rockford Morning Star, Rockford register Republic, Rockford Republic Furniture Co., Rockford exceptional Furniture Co., Rockford Varnish Co., Sheets-Rockford silver- Co., State Theater, Sundstrand machine Tool, Testor chemical Co., twin Disc Clutch Co., W.F. And also John Barnes Co., War initiative Publcity Committee, Weiman Co., Yellow Cab and Transfer Co.

Rockford industrial Athletic Association

Rockford commercial Athletic Association

Factories include: Andrews, complimentary Sewing, Barber-Colman, Trahern Pump, Hess and Hopkins, Kurtz Action

(Trahern Pump was replaced in 1914 by Haddorff Piano)

Commercial Loop includes: Clark Manufacturing, Rockford Watch, Rockford Malleable, Burson’s Knitting, main Union Telegraph, Rockford Printers

(Rockford Printers was prospered in 1914 through Woodward Governor)

Hal Carlson walk on to play because that the Chicago Cubs, and also Fred Schulte went on to play because that the Pittsburgh Pirates (Both to be from the cost-free Sewing device Company)

“Turk” Skurski that Amerock was a optimal player, and Lou Coletta and Tony Vella the Barber-Colman to be minor leagers

Business, General, Manufacturer, People, Rockford industrial Athletic AssociationAmerock, Andrews, Barber Colman, Burson"s Knitting, main Union Telegraph, Chicago Cubs, Clark Manufacturing, Fred Schulte, cost-free Sewing maker Co., Haddorff Piano, Hal Carlson, Hess and Hopkins, J.L. Clark, Kurtz action Company, Lou Coletta, Pittsburgh Pirates, Rockford industrial Athletic Association, Rockford Malleable, Rockford Printers, Rockford clock Company, Skurski, Tony Vella, Trahern Pump Works, Turk Skurski, Vella, Woodward Governor

Rockford commercial Athletic combination – R. I. A. A.

Rockford industrial Athletic combination – R. I. A. A.

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In the 1913 manufacturing facility League: andrew Wire, Kurtz Action, cost-free Sewing an equipment Company, Hess and Hopkins, Barber-Colman, and Trahern Pump Company

In the 1913 commercial League: Rockford Malleable, Clark manufacturing Company, Rockford watch Company, central Union Telephone, Printers, and Burson knit Company

Business, General, Manufacturer, Rockford commercial Athletic Association, UtilitiesAndrews Wire, andrews Wire and also Iron Works, Barber Colman, Barber-Coleman Company, Burson Knitting, Burson knitting company, central Union telephone Company, Clark Manufacturing, Commerical League, manufacturing facility League, free Sewing an equipment Co., Hess and also Hopkins, Hess and Hopkins leather Co., J. L. Clark manufacturing Co., Kurtz action Company, R.I.A.A., Rockford industrial Athletic Association, Rockford Malleable stole Works, Rockford clock Company, Trahern Pump Works

Twenty Baseball gamings in Parks Today and Next – 1915


Business, Clubs, General, Manufacturer, Parks, Rockford Park District1028, 31, Allen"s ice cream Cream, American insurance money Co., andrew Wire and Iron, Barber-Colman Co., black Hawk, black Hawk Park, Burspn knit Co., C;arlk manufacturing Co., City Traction company, Eagles, fair Grounds Park, totally free Sewing maker Co., German church team, Giants, Haddorff Piano, Henry Leone"s, Hess and Hopkins, Italian strong Club, Kilburn Ave. Team, Laf-A-Lot Club, Leons team, Mantague Club, Opponents, Pirates, Rexalla, Rockford Malleable, 2nd Team, Sinnissippi Park, south Rockford, southern Rockford Juniors, south Rockford Park, Southeast finish Park, Spengler-Loomis CO., Sunset Park, Sunset team, Tigers, Trahern-Eclipse, Wate-A-Wyle Club

1120 Harlem Boulevard

1120 Harlem Boulevard

Residence of man S. Williams and also wife, Jean M. Williams

Assistant Manager at totally free Sewing Machine

Source: 1949 Rockford City Directory

Addresses, Business, General, Manufacturer, People1120 Harlem Blvd., 1120 Harlem Boulevard, complimentary Sewing machine, complimentary Sewing machine Co., Jean M. Williams, man S. Williams, Williams

Free Sewing device Co. – illustration, 1917


Illustration source: “Rockford 1917” ns 94

Free Sewing maker Co., W C totally free president, ns A Peterson v-president, V M Johnson, secretary, A E Johnson treasurer, C O Wester, supt., F J Kelley, general sales manager, 18th Ave. And also 13th ST.

Text source: McCoy’s Rockford City magazine 1918

Addresses, Business, General, Manufacturer18th Ave and also 13th St., A E Johnson, C O Wester, F J Kelley, cost-free Sewing maker Co., P. A. Peterson, V M Johnson, will certainly C Free

Free Sewing device Co. – 1943


Free Sewing an equipment Co. Made government-contracted Depth fees during human being War II

Source of advertisement: Rockford Register-Republic Sept. 13, 1943

Business, General, Manufacturer, Military1943, depth charges, totally free Sewing maker Co., federal government contracted, armed forces orders, WWII

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