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Answer 5> epidermis acquire their nutrients and oxygen native b>Diffusion native blood vessels in the dermis explaination=epidermis does not have a straight blood it is provided ,all nutrient that feeds this cabinet come from the dermis by diffusion ==…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: 5 from where execute the cell of the epidermis achieve oxygen and also nutrients? a. Native blood ship in the epidermis b Diffusion indigenous blood ship in the dermis. C Diffusion native the waiting d. From blood vessels in other epithelal organization 6 Matching: enhance the adhering to terms v the exactly dexription. Papillary layer Sebaceous gland Lamellated corpuscle Hair follicle Dermal papillae Hair tower Reticular great Sweat glancd A. Secrete product through a spicy B. Pressure receptor in the dermis C· Projections of the derms that indent the epidermis D. Superficial great of the dermis, loose connective organization E. Sheath the epithelial and connective tissue about a hair F Deep class of the dermis, dense irregular collagenous connective organization G. Secretes sebum (o H. Section of the hair that projects from the skin's surface ar 7 which of the adhering to are attributes of slim skin? (Circle all hat apply) situated over the palms and the soles that the feet. B. Contains hair and also arrector pili muscles c contains sweat glands d. An extremely thick stratum corneum. E. Includes sebaceous glands f. Includes a stratum lucidum. リ 8 TrueiFalse note the adhering to questions together true () or false (, If the inquiry s faise, correctit to do it a true statement a. An arrector pili muscle is composed of bones muscle tissue. B. The splitting cells that a nail are located in the eponychium. C. Both hairs and also nails space composed primarily of dead keratinocytes d. A hair follicle š written of epithelium and connective tissue. 9 to fill in the blanks corpuscles in the dermis finding pressure, conversely, corpuscles in the dermis detect good touch. 10 Eccrine sweat is released right into a , and sebum is released right into a a. A duct; a hair follicle b a hair follicle; a blood vessel. C. A duct, a blood vessel. D a hair follicle, a duct 150 Exaloring Anatomy & Physiology in the laboratory a