Twelve year old Mitsuki"s desire is to come to be a singer. She has the talent and also a beautiful voice, however she likewise has a neck tumor which intimidates to rob her of she gift of song. Together if things weren"t negative enough, 2 shinigami inform Mitsuki that she only has actually one year left come live. However, all is not lost, for they do a transaction that if she goes through them, they will aid realize her dream by changing her right into a healthy and balanced 16-year-old, that is able to sing and apply for auditions.

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Tohru Honda is a compassionate girl that is down on she luck. Her mother having actually recently died, she has been compelled to camp out in the woods for shelter. However, things begin to turn around once she is invited to live with course hunk Yuki Sohma and also his family... Yet all is no as the seems! Yuki"s family is burdened v a dark curse which reasons them to turn right into the pets of the Chinese zodiac once hugged by a member of opposing sex... And also Honda might be the just one who can help them.

TagsComedyDramaFantasyRomanceShoujoAnimal TransformationContemporary FantasyCurseDeath of a loved OneDysfunctional FamiliesLove TriangleOrphansRoommatesKirarin RevolutionTV (153 eps)Synergy SP2006 - 2009

During a clear afternoon, Kirarin spots a helpless turtle stuck in a tree. Although Kirarin"s mind is always preoccupied with food, she doesn"t think twice prior to saving it; and after the effective rescue, she meets up v the turtle"s owner that happens to it is in a cutie! The guy"s surname is Seiji and also he is in reality a renowned star! Unfortunately, Seiji"s best friend and partner, Hiroto, intrudes on her fantasies claiming that she"d never ever reach the level the Seiji, and also that she must stay far from him. Hiroto"s native don"t deter her, however; and also instead, Kirarin decides to be v Seiji by beginning the idol world! However, becoming an idol isn"t all fun and also games, it"s fierce competition, tough work, and filled with rivals!

TagsComedyRomanceShoujoIdolsLove TriangleShowbizMermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi PitchTV (52 eps)Actas2003 - 2004

One clear festive evening, Lucia, a mermaid princess, rescues a young boy from drowning. With him, she leaves the source of her beautiful to sing voice: a pink pearl necklace. Numerous years later, Lucia has actually grown into a young woman, and also embarks ~ above a quest to the human civilization to reclaim her pearl and find her lost love.

TagsFantasyMagical GirlShoujoFamily FriendlyHenshin HeroesMermaidsMusicSentaiSuperheroesTokusatsuKaleido StarTV (51 eps)GONZO2003 - 2004

Sora is a 16 year old girl who has actually travelled to the united state to join the Kaleido Stage, among the biggest circuses in existence. However, together luck would have actually it, she arrives to the audition late, which almost costs her the opportunity of a lifetime. Fortunately, she manages to sign up with the Kaleido phase anyways because of the compassion the Kalos, the owner the the troupe. With the aid of her friends and Fool, the perverted soul of the phase who has the ability to suspect the future, Sora will overcome trials and also tribulations and she battles to become the Kaleido Star.

TagsSportsAmericaCircusCoworkersFamily FriendlyGymnasticsLifestyle ChangeShowbizWork LifeAishiteruze BabyTV (26 eps)TMS Entertainment2004

Whenever Kippei is at school, he has actually one thing on his mind: girls. Indigenous skipping class to cheesy lines, he"ll perform anything that takes come reel the ladies in, though he never seems to discover the best person. Yet the bachelor lifestyle is shortly to readjust when young Yuzuyu beginning the picture. This five-year-old cutie has actually been abandoned by her mother, and is to be taken treatment of by none various other than Kippei! regrettably for the both of them, Kippei has no experience elevating a child, for this reason the finding out curve will be quite steep...

TagsDramaRomanceShoujoSlice the LifeChildcareComing that AgeFamily LifePlayboysBullyingEmotional AbuseMature ThemesPhysical AbuseBased top top a MangaLemon point of view ProjectTV (13 eps)Radix Ace Entertainment2006

Lemon Angel used to it is in a renowned band in Japan, till a year ago; at the time, all of the members of the band, other than for Miki Suwa, mysteriously disappeared. In the present, Tomo Minaguchi is a an initial year high institution student that was friends v Lemon Angel’s song writer, Yui Kono, before she passed away. As soon as music producer Ryuuta Kogure approaches her come audition because that a brand-new Lemon angel group, Tomo agrees in stimulate to fulfill Yui’s wish. The compete is fierce – will certainly Tomo have actually what that takes to come to be the newest member that Lemon Angel?

In the center Ages, a woman named Jeanne D"Arc asserted to listen God"s voice. She led a lonely life and was shed at the stake, despite being the voice to lead France to success in the century War. In today"s world, she is reincarnated together Maron Kusakabe, a girl whosemission is to protect against demons native stealing people"s hearts. To carry out this, shemust steal any artifact that they possess. Her best friend, Miyako, is a detective searching for the thief, without a clue that she"s ideal under her nose. Will Maron have the ability to save the world from destruction, or will certainly she be recorded red-handed by her friend?

Idol IncidentsVol: 2; Ch: 13Dengeki G"s Comic2016 - 2017

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TagsIdolsMusic22/7 plus AlphaVol: 2; Ch: 10Sunday web Every2020

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TagsIdolsMusicIdoly Pride: beginning of LodestarVol: 2; Ch: 14Comic Walker2020 - 2021

Mana Nagase is a high institution girl from Hoshimi City who loves to sing. One live performance leads she to end up being a peak idol and she starts come shine.

Azuki, a young girl whose father is the chairman of an entertainment corporation, is constantly out of luck once it concerns dating. That seems choose every young she had actually dated before all do the efforts to use her together a leg to gain into the civilization of media. So when Azuki met the man of she dreams, who likewise happened to be a contestant in the audition her father set up, she wasn"t so certain what to carry out anymore.

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TagsDramaRomanceShoujoIdolsMusicTO-YVol: 10; Ch: 99Weekly Shounen Sunday1985 - 1987

To-Y (Fujii To-ii) is a member that the punk rock tape GASP. Together with other punk bands, which usually simply hanged out doing small gigs, they have this massive hatred and aversion to the main Japanese music industry, i m sorry is conquered by popular music music and untalented Idol singers. However, To-Y was tempted by Kado (the Nagel ripoff) the Kama Production, a strong will promoter, to increase out past GASP due to the fact that he has the talent, except she likewise expect to encourage him together an Idol singer, which revolts To-Y.

TagsShounenIdolsMusicShine short article (Light Novel)Vol: 1+Dengeki Bunko2021 - ?

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TagsLight NovelsIdolsMusicShowbizE CrisisVol: 3Bessatsu Friend1988 - 1989

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StoryFull Moon wo Sagashite might very well be among the best shoujo series to lug a heavy theme within it in together a bittersweet and lighthearted method - merger drama, romance, some comedyand a predominantmusical thematic.There are couple of series that take care of the overallpresentationas fine asFull Moondoes, but the fence is the this might not it is in a series for everyone, as it's a series that goes fine over 20 episodes and may strike some as repetitive with few of the very same musicalthemes used throughout, character utterance (Mitsuki's"Echi-kun" might finditself old after some time)and that is episodic progression until that hits heavy with few of the revelations, and one necessary twist the comes around midway through the series - i beg your pardon honestly, ns didn't check out coming. Yet, also with the anime collection over the years that I've seen, ns still have actually a fondness for complete Moon through respect to the story and characters presented, and I'll recognize it, it's anicely presentedguilty pleasure. The story revolves around 12-year old Misuki, a girl diagnosed through throat cancer, and with a tumor that not just makes that painfulto talk, the only treatment obtainable would typical for her to shed her voice...and lose her best passion, singing. To make matters much more complicated, her strictly grandmother forbids Misuki to sing, not only in her worry for Misuki's health, however as those who watch the series progressively note, she hold a bitterness towards music for apersonal pain.To take it the story further, 2 shinigami or death gods, Takuto and Meroko, offer Mitsuki a revelation, one in which Misuki passionately desire to come to be a singer before that revelation comes to pass-and in turn, Takuto sponsor Mitsuki the capability to transform into a 15 year old singingsensation: complete Moon. Complete Moon undergoes numerous trials and also tribulations in the kingdom of singing, from becoming a begin to hiding her identification and, off and also on, Mitsuki managing the pains of she cancer amongst other trials the befall her. When I'm apt to say that it does follow episodic progressions, it's never ever unbefitting because that its plan audience, and also actually quite cute.In retrospect, i appreciated full Moon while, if you watch numerous shoujo series and have seen some like sophisticated Lala or even theelder seriesMagical Girl Creamy Mami and also Magical Emi (all of which i haveseen, at the very least in part,to date),you might be tempted to create this off as your conventional "transfomer idol" series. Yet, full Moon gives sufficient substantiatedweight in that is characterization that makes you, in ~ the really least, care for the characters, and also root for few of the romantic relationships that come to pass. Ns wouldn't call Full Moon one of the best series I've viewed in retrospect, but there space times when it's not only very funny (Takuto and also Meroko's exchanges are often hilarious) but likewise quite sad and sweet-and the deserves a ar in the shoujo standard realm. The ending to complete Moon was probably one the a few series wherein I actually felt like I could shed tears in the end. It does tend to it is in overly, and also quite sugary,sentimental in points, yet I wouldn't to speak it takes far from the story overall.The plan audience for complete Moon room those who are much more into the shoujo romance/drama and also some situational comedy. Those who want action/adventure,it's for sure to say you're in the wrong boat for the town hall this series. A downside to full Moon is that i disliked points are which some of the themes room recycled,and it can not come across well come all since its idolized J-Pop, yet it's among the collection that put Myco/Changing mine Life on the map. Suffice to say, in my own opinion,I actually did reap the musical setting of the collection alongside the story.AnimationThe animation for complete Moon pales in comparison to some computer animation standards, yet I actually give it greater because it it is adapted the manga equivalent rather well in personality and setting design. Unfortunately, visually it just conducts itself together average contrasted to modern series, and also shows its age quite distinctly. Those who typically watch shoujo collection probably wouldn't provide it much notification though, together its on purpose is to be very "cute" and it does success in doing so.SoundThe musical setting of full Moon is, indubitibly, a strong one, and also if you think about other series as that late wherein music is a central focus (the darker, shounen central BECK, the josei, matureoriented NANA, and also even other collection like possibility Pop central or Lemon angel Project), full Moon manages to fit it well. Yet, it's a give and also take.The an initial opening template "I 3