Give the Dog a Bone is a an excellent little video game for early on learners (or for those college student who struggle with number sense), encouraging them to think about patterns to uncover numbers ~ above a empty number line. In the video game you require to find 10 numbers on a empty 100 chart in 1 minute. That is pretty fun and addicting!

What ns like ideal is that the included time pressure motivates them to think about patterning, quite than just counting one square in ~ a time. Because that example, in the situation below they could count by 10s to gain to sixty one, quite than count 61 squares. To gain all ten bones in a minute, they’ll should think this way!

This game could be provided as a link from school to home, as an task in the computer system lab or with small groups!

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MarinaMarch 19, 2015 in ~ 1:10 am

Very nice


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