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God observed you getting tiredand a healing was no to beso He placed His arms approximately youand whispered, “Come come Me.”

With tearful eyes us watched youand experienced you pass awayand although we love girlfriend dearlywe might not do you stay.

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A golden heart stopped beatinghard functioning hands at rest.God broke our hearts come prove to usHe only takes the best.

Version 3

God witnessed that she was obtaining tired,A cure was no to be.So he placed His arms approximately herAnd whispered, ”Come with Me.”With tearful eyes, us watched she suffer.And experienced her fade away.Although we loved her dearly,We might not make her stay.A gold heart stopped beating.Hard working hands come rest.God broke our hearts come prove to usHe just takes ”the best”

Version 2

God saw you acquiring tired,When a healing was no to be.So that wrapped his arms around you,and whispered, “come to me.”You didn’t deserve what girlfriend went through,So He gave you rest.

God’s garden should be beautiful,He just takes the bestAnd as soon as I witnessed you sleeping,So calm and totally free from painI could not wish you backTo experience that again.

Frances and Kathleen Coelho – authors God saw You obtaining Tired by: catalent Coelho 

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