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This web page defines exactly how to achieve the gold shovel, which lets you buryspecific kinds of items in the ground that you can not bury with the regularshovel.

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What does the gold shovel do?

A gold shovel, unprefer the continual shovel, has actually an effective one-of-a-kind ability. The gold shovel will permit you to bury bags of money in holes that you dig in the ground. You can bury any sized bag of money through the golden shovel. Dragging the stylus from your money bag in your pocket watch will certainly prompt you to choose an amount ofmoney to put in a bag. A bag of money that you bury will certainly turn into a tree, and also there is a opportunity that the tree will have money bags growing on it! The bigger the amount of money that you bury, the more likely it is that you will flourish a money tree. See the (not yet written) money tree guide for more information.

Tip One: Buy Two Shovels

The first action to getting a gold shovel is to have two shovels. Yeah, it seems like possibly it is type of a waste to need to buy 2 shovels to gain one gold shovel, but I have actually never figured out any type of way to acquire the golden shovel without making use of a second shovel. I guess you can have actually a frifinish with a shovel come to visit your tvery own and also help you out. But, really, at that point, you are type of placing a tiny also much effort into gaining a gold shovel, possibly.

You should go to Tom Nook"s store to buy shovels. That is the just area wbelow you deserve to buy shovels. Tom Nook constantly sells devices, however he might not have a shovel in stock eextremely day. The tool selection in Tom Nook"s shop transforms each day, so simply keep on checking Tom Nook"s shop for shovels, and buy one if you carry out not yet have actually 2 shovels. Once you have 2 shovels, you are prepared to move on to the following action.

Tip Two: Bury a Shovel

The following step in getting a golden shovel is to bury one of your shovels under the ground. You might theoretically perform this action without having 2 shovels, because there are occasionally Pitautumn Seeds hidden in town, which will make a hole if you or a villager measures on it. So if you walk on a pitfall seed, you would create a hole, and also then you could just walk up to the hole and go into your pockets and also tap on a shovel, and you would certainly have the option of burying it. But then you would certainly should kick the dirt over the shovel, and also you would not have a method of opening up that hole aobtain. You would certainly require a shovel to carry out it.

So, anymeans, utilizing one of your shovels, dig a hole in the ground, all over you favor. As pointed out in the paragraph prior to this one, you likewise have actually the alternative of walking on peak of a buried pitautumn seed and also jumping out of the hole and also utilizing that to bury your shovel, or waiting for a villager to loss into a pitloss and using that as the hole. Whichever before strategy you use for digging the hole, it is a great principle to bury your shovel in a place where you will certainly remember wbelow it is. You carry out not should water it after burying it. Just leave it tbelow.

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Step Three: Wait 24 hours, then dig up your shovel

Now, all you have to carry out is wait a complete day (24 hours), leaving the shovel buried underground. Then, after it has actually been 24 hours, you have the right to go ahead and usage your second shovel to dig up the hidden one. If you left the shovel underground for at leastern 24 hrs, the shovel that you dig up will certainly have actually transcreated right into a golden shovel. How does the shovel turn gold just by being buried? Who knows. I guess the extremely ground in your Animal Crossing: Wild World tvery own has actually magic powers. Or something.