It truly won’t do you any good if the mustard you’re putting on your gluten free hot dog isn’t gluten.

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Thankfully, there’s a plethora of delicious gluten free mustard options available at your local grocery store.

From your basic yellow and honey mustard to dijon and spicy, you’ll be sure to find a great mustard that’s suitable for your gluten free diet.

Plus as an added bonus there are actually some certified gluten free mustards that you absolutely must check out.

Just watch out for some of those mustards whose vinegar is distilled from glutenous grains because manufacturers are not required to disclose the source of vinegar, whether it be corn or wheat).

So eat at your own risk.

Gluten Free Mustard Listing

Below, you’ll find a complete listing of all mustard varieties and brands that are gluten free in the United States. Enjoy!

Annie’s Naturals

Here are all the gluten free Annie’s Naturals mustards. Plus, the vinegar in Annie’s is derived from corn and beets.

organic yellow mustardorganic honey mustardorganic dijon mustard

Boar’s Head

Here are all the gluten free Boar’s Head mustards.

honey mustarddelicatessen style mustard


Here are all of French’s mustards that are gluten free to 20 ppm. The vinegar in these mustards are derived from corn (or ethanol).

classic yellow mustardspicy brown mustardhoney dijonhoney mustard dipping saucehoney mustardhorseradish mustard

Grey Poupon

Grey Poupon’s mustard doesn’t contain any gluten free ingredients but it can’t be considered gluten free due to cross contamination during manufacturing. Only eat if you’re on a non-medical gluten free diet.

classic dijoncountry dijon


Here are all the Heinz mustards that are gluten free. And as an added bonus, here are all the countries where you can find gluten free Heinz mustard (Canada, Poland, United States). Plus, the vinegar has been derived from corn.

yellow mustard

Koop’s Mustard

Here are all of Koop’s Mustards that are gluten free:

dijonhoney mustardhorseradisharizona heatdeli style and spicy brownstone grounddusseldorfyellow mustard


Here are all of Organicville’s mustards that are gluten free. Plus, the vinegar is derived from corn, not wheat.

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stone ground organic mustardyellow organic mustarddijon organic mustard


Here are all the Polchman’s mustards that are gluten free:

mild yellownatural stone ground mustard


Here are all the Wegmans mustards that are gluten free according to the company:

whole grain dijon mustardtraditional mustardhoney mustardwegmans mustard saucespicy brown mustardyellow smooth and tangy mustardyellow mustard


Here are all the Zatarains mustards that are gluten free:

creole mustardhearty spicy brown mustardnew orleans yellow mustard

Looking for a gluten free shopping list?

We got you covered in this awesome complete guide!

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