“And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they to speak – that the Grinch’s small heart thrived three sizes the day. And also then – the true definition of Christmas came through, and the Grinch found the strength of ten Grinches, add to two!” –How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


Benny feather extra festive.

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I’m walking to get a the majority of beef for this, yet whatever: Christmas is not my favourite holiday. Halloween takes first place, tailed carefully by Thanksgiving, then maybe fourth of July… nevertheless of rankings, Christmas was never the summary of mine year. Yeah, of course, together a boy I had troubles falling sleep on Christmas Eve, i left cookies and also notes because that Santa, and I viciously shook shiny red presents under the tree.

However, my love for Christmas was constantly pretty superficial. My household isn’t Christian, for this reason Christmas never had actually this great definition to me. I collection up Playmobil nativity scenes without yes, really grasping the significance. I never ever knew the words come “Jingle Bell Rock,” which created an embarrassing 2nd grade music class (and now a an excellent story around a cruel teacher). Come a naïve little me, Christmas was an amazing excuse to finish the year v beautiful new things and also extravagant meals.


Our standard Danish Christmas night meal: roasted duck, wild rice, cabbage, eco-friendly beans, potato and also apple galette, and also prune and also apple stuffing.

As I obtained a bit older, i felt choose a fake for celebrating Christmas. Ns felt prefer I to be celebrating something that didn’t belong come me. I felt choose a thief. And then December 25th sort of ended up being this day to feeling guilty; the felt favor gluttony and indulgence because that no reason. I would, of course, evaluate the incredible lengths my family members went v to produce a festive time. However, when looking at my ridge of presents, I would feel this destructive greediness, mixed with selfish delight.

I think I involved associate these feelings v a dislike because that Christmas. I would jokingly call myself a Scrooge and also groan when radio stations started blaring Christmas music. I put on this mask the a Grinch come hide the I simply kind of felt badly for celebrating.

Stupid defense mechanisms.

In mid-December, as my friends and also I crossed phibìc Charles Street for a examine break Subway run, I began singing “Jingle Bells.” mine friends chuckled come themselves and said, “You’re no really a Scrooge. Ns knew it.”

This year, something changed. I don’t know if it’s simple maturity or just a newfound appreciation, but I’ve realized the Christmas is actually great. Mine friends space right; I’m no really a Scrooge. Maybe it took a semester far from home, a pair of month rediscovering myself, part time to observe others’ vacation spirit, to check out that I in reality love Christmas. It took being surrounding by new people for me to reclaim Christmas. I uncovered myself boasting mine family’s vacation traditions, indigenous our yearly escargot to the Danish flags wound around our tall Fraser fir. When I listened to mine hallmates’ and also friends’ Christmas plans, I known why mine to be so important.

It flurried top top Christmas Eve right here in Baltimore!

And currently I recognize that Christmas is so lot more. It have the right to be anything—time v family, time spent volunteering, time invested sleeping and also eating a copious amount of cookies. Christmas was exchanging an enig Santa gifts with mine hallmates. Christmas was stealing gingerbread males from the FFC and making then dance in the snow. Christmas was giving goodbye hugs come friends headed residence after their finals. Christmas to be coming house to a house glowing v happiness. Christmas to be sipping peppermint coffee when watching my household open their gifts.

I feel so much wiser around the vacation season now, and also I’m not sure this would’ve happened if i hadn’t shared my Christmas experiences v my impressive friends in ~ Hopkins.

So, this year, i took extra pleasure in seeking the perfect gifts for people, ns danced approximately in the Christmas night flurries, and also I make the efforts to complement Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” vocal runs. I didn’t desire to cry when I looked at my presents. I wrapped every current under the tree (except because that my own. My family knows my nosy ways.) ns smiled together I washed bowl caked with Eggs Benedict.

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I’m listening to Christmas music together I compose this, and also my ears aren’t also bleeding. Perhaps my small Grinchy heart was big along. Or, maybe, college taught me how to love and also understand Christmas. I favor to think the this year, my Grinchy love grew.