What is the name of the aur 3 layout song? ns have discovered it provided as "Halo 3 template Song", yet I would prefer to know the actual name.

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I think that is the same song the is played throughout the last, and best level in aur 3 as soon as you"re steering the wart-hog throughout the halo. The original video link is dead yet here is the very same song:



What you"ve connected to is in reality the Mjolnir Mix featured in gloriole 2. The is a remix of the original Halo theme, indigenous Halo 1.

In aur 3, there room a few songs you might potentially consider "theme songs". Castle are never Forget, end up the Fight, and also arguably Behold a Pale Horse, which includes samplings from numerous other songs in the series. A remix of the initial theme is also used and also it is One final Effort. A slightly various version that this deserve to be heard in the Warthog ar of the last level.


My OCD acquired the much better of me, and also I had actually to check. In the level in gloriole 3 whereby you drive the warthog through hell to safety, the track actually play is "Halo" (the basic theme). Check out wikipedia entry on the soundtrack. The variation in the video clip above is the "Halo design template Mjolnir Mix".

As a bonus item of trivia, it is actually accessible as a downloadable track for guitar Hero 3. If you are a fan of the game, the feels quite sweet to rock the end to the on the plastic guitar.


If you room interested in the complete track list, that have the right to be found here.While over there is no one Halo "theme song", "Never Forget" was a an essential theme in their marketing campaign.


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